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Saints' messages on Gurupournima


O Hindus! The mission of re-establishment of Dharma and Nation-building is the mission of creation of the Hindu Nation.
- H.H. Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale (Founder, Sanatan Sanstha)
Knowledge in any form, and not just about Dharma (Righteousness) and Spirituality, has to be acquired under the apt guidance of a Guru. Hence, calling the Guru-Disciple tradition in Hindu Dharma the very core of the process of imparting knowledge be appropriate. Not just for a disciple, a seeker or followers of a sect, but for every Hindu who has acquired knowledge, Gurupournima is the day to express unto the Guru.

It is the Guru-disciple tradition that has accorded the status of a ‘Spiritual Nation’ to Bharat and made it world renowned. Hence, a true student of Spirituality from every corner of the world considers Bharat to be his final destination. This glorious tradition, besides turning the Nation to Spirituality, provided leadership for reinstatement of Dharma and Nation building whenever adversities plagued the Nation. At the end of Dwaparyug, Jagadguru Srīkrushna vanquished unrighteous forces through the medium of Arjun and re-established Dharma. This ideal was followed by several traditional ‘Guru-Disciple’ pairs.

While repulsing foreign aggressions through Chandragupta, Arya Chanakya created a united Nation. When Hindu Dharma faced dangers with the growing influence of the non Vedic philosophies, Adi Shankaracharya defeated those philosophies and reinstated Hindu Dharma by establishing four seats of Dharma across the Nation. Vidyaranya Swami not just purified Harihar and Bukka, who were converted by the Mughals, but also laid the foundation for Dharmik Empire of Vijayanagar through them. The empire then lasted 300 years and nurtured Hindu Dharma and culture.
History testifies that when the Sultans were attacking Hindu Dharma, Saint Ramdas Swami established Hindu Kingdom through Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Ramakrushna Paramhans is one recent example. When Hindu Dharma was being vilified throughout the world He propagated Hindu Dharma through the medium of Swami Vivekanand and provided intellectual protection to it.

Today, due to a Democracy that is out right non-righteous, Nation and Dharma once again face dangers. The coming period is very critical for the Nation and Dharma. Today, Saints such as Yogarushi Ramdevbaba, Pujya Asarambapu, Srī Ravishankar and their disciples, and organisations like Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti are actively involved in the re-establishment of Hindu Dharma and Nation-building. Creation of a Nation that stands united and re-establishment of Dharma is the doing of Saints only and this principle is true even today.
Leave everything to Sri Guru, He alone will accomplish the mission !
- H.H. Ramanand Maharaj (Indore, Madhya Pradesh)
।। हरि ॐ तत्सत ।।
Gurupournima being spiritually significant, we worship Srī Guru on this day and completely surrender unto His Holy feet. There is no need to beg for anything from Srī Guru, except pleading to Him thus - “O Srī Guru ! Bestow me with a boon that I always meditate upon You. Let Your blessings be always on this child”.
If Srī Guru is with us, then there is no dearth of anything. Sanatan Sanstha is being taken care of by H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj. Sadguru is omnipotent. Sanatan’s mission appears to be difficult, but Srī Guru will certainly accomplish all. Remind yourself of the way His fame has spread the world over. We should only wish that He alone takes care of everything.

Seekers ! Have specific goals so as to march in their direction !
- Pujya Satyavan Kadam

‘गुरुकृपा हि केवलं शिष्य परममंगलम् ।' means only the grace of the Guru ensures ultimate welfare of a disciple. The secret of Bhakti (Devotion) is everlasting faith unto the Holy feet of the Guru. We get the spiritual experience time and again that God takes the responsibility of His devotees and protects them.

All seekers have an objective of achieving a spiritual level of 60%. This is very important, since that alone makes us move towards the objective and efforts put in are counted as sādhanā. An ordinary man lives his life in a self-willed manner and under the influence of ego. This way he wastes his life. Therefore, we should do vyashti and samashti sādhanā in a self-disciplined manner. In case of samashti sādhanā we imbibe various virtues by taking responsibilities while doing sēvā. In this manner, we become eligible for Srī Guru’s grace and fulfil the purpose of human birth, an opportunity that has been bestowed by God for His realisation only.  I pray unto the Holy feet of God that may He give the energy and intellect to all seekers for enhancing vyashti and samashti sādhanā !

Resolve to follow tithis from this Gurupournima onwards !
- Swami Avimukteshwaranandji (Varanasi)

Today, a time has come when people ask what date is Gurupounima on ! It is time that all devotees of the Guru begin to lead their life according to tithis mentioned in the Hindu almanac. Best wishes to all devotees of the Guru !
गुरु तत्त्व हैं, गुरु ज्ञान हैं, गुरु प्राण हैं, गुरु ही मान-सम्मान
पर हाय हम भटके सदा, गुरुके माहात्म्यसे सदा अन्जान ।।
फिर आई गुरुपूर्णिमा, आयोजन दिन-रात ।
मर्म मगर तब ही मिले, पढे जब सनातन प्रभात ।।

Strive always to become a virtuous person in an appropriate manner !
- Yogatadnya H.H. Dadaji Vaishampayan (Maharashtra)

If you want to become a seeker in the true sense, diligently search for your personality defects and ruthlessly remove them. Acquire a virtuous character. Imbibe new virtues and become happy by progressing steadily. Strive always to become a virtuous person in an appropriate manner and be assured that your life will then be truly fulfilled. Blessings !
Avail the benefit of the Gurutattva through your seva and sacrifice !
- Pujya Padmakar Honap (Ramnathi, Goa)
We should act by keeping ideals of obedience akin to that of Kalyan Swami’s (Disciple of Samarth Ramdas Swami), devotion of servitude akin to Hanumanji’s and strive to attain blessings of God. I pray unto the Holy feet of Srī Guru - ‘Please accept unto Your Holy feet all seekers in their present state despite the fact that they commit mistakes, suffer from negative energy distress and have ego’. I pray that this Gurupournima be an occasion of spiritual progress for seekers.
Seekers have a golden opportunity to render seva like a lighthouse !
- Pujya Nikam Tatya (Apashinge, Maharashtra)
Seekers should pray to God for self-protection. Consistently pray to Srīkrushna. Seekers should surrender their body, mind and wealth unto the Holy feet of Srī Guru and perform with bhāv whatever sēvā comes their way. While praying for their own protection, seekers should not forget to include the lines, ‘Let the weapons of the mantriks from Patal be destroyed. Let their weapons become non-functional’. Srīkrushna has given Sanatan seekers a golden opportunity to render sēvā like a Deepstambha (Light house) in the mission of protecting the Nation and awakening of Dharma. I pray unto the Holy feet of Srīkrushna that may He protect all seekers.
Strive hard to flutter the flag of Hindu Dharma all over the world !
- Pujya Rajendra Shinde
Gurupournima is the day in the life of a disciple or seeker for expressing gratitude unto Srī Guru. Would He like this gratitude to be expressed just in words or through actual action ?

His only wish is that we become good disciples and march ahead on the path of sādhanā and attain Moksha (Final Liberation). Constant and rigorous sādhanā are necessary for fulfilling His wish. A disciple should recognise what Srī Guru has in His mind and act accordingly. H.H. Dr. Athavale wishes that the flag of Hindu Dharma should flutter all over the world. This thought is a command for us.

Obedience leads to rapid spiritual progress. If we sacrifice everything and strive hard to obey that command, that will be the real Gurudakshina and expression of gratitude.

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