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What is the significance of various forms of Deity Hanuman?

‘One comes across varied information regarding Deity Hanumān’s form. His complexion is mostly red and rarely black. A red Deity Hanuman is one smeared with a saffron coloured powder called shēndūr. Perhaps His black complexion is due to the influence of Saturn (Shani). Hanuman is famous as an incarnation or as a son of Deity Rudra. Since Deity Rudra’s complexion is red, Deity Hanuman too must have derived His complexion from Him. After He acquired a red complexion stories regarding His love for shendur were told.

  • Once after bathing Goddess Sītā made a red spot (tila) with shendur on Her forehead. When Deity Hanuman asked for an explanation Goddess Sita replied, “It is because of this that Your Master’s life is prolonged”. When He heard this, Hanuman smeared shendur all over His body !

  • Once when Hanuman was proceeding to Lanka with the Dronagiri hills Bharat, struck Him with an arrow and wounded His leg. The wound healed with a mixture of shendur and oil. Hence shendur and oil are Deity Hanuman’s favourites.’

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