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Chanting the name of a Saint is okay

A. No saint has ever recommended the chanting of His own Name or that of another. For instance, Tukaram Maharaj did not ask anyone to chant the name of Saint Dnyaneshvar.

B. Nowhere, in Bhaarat's (India) history (thousands of years), has there been an instance where a temple dedicated to a saint or a sage has been constructed. Only temples devoted to Deities have ever been erected. Nowadays however, an incorrect trend, of constructing temples dedicated to Saints, has set in.

C. Since the law of creation, sustenance and dissolution is applicable to Saints as well, Their energy persists only for a limited period of a few hundred years. Thereafter They are unable to respond to one’s call. Against this, Deities are eternally present, from the time of the creation of the universe till its dissolution.

D. Saints at the spiritual level (70%) of Energy (Shakti) are born to carry out a particular mission and for that They possess manifest energy. So if Their Names are chanted then the manifest energy could possibly cause distress to some. Contrary to this, since a Deity has mostly unmanifest energy, chanting its Name does not cause any distress. Besides a seeker does not want energy, he wants Bliss (Ānand) and Serenity (Shānti). [Saints at the spiritual levels of 80% and 90% can impart spiritual experiences of Bliss and Serenity respectively.]




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