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Criticism or inappropriate thoughts about ‘Vowed religious observances (Vrat)’ and their prohibition

           From the beginning of the world many have criticized the Sanatan Vēdic Dharma (Hindu Dharma), Holy texts of Hindus, Deities, Saints, arrangement of society according to the classes and stages of life (Varnāshramvyavasthā), spirituality etc. These criticisms are spread in the society through speeches, seminars, books, newspapers, banter etc. Due to the prevalent way of teaching, most people do not realise that, ‘it is criticism’! Many believe this inappropriate criticism to be true; while others even though they realise the criticism to be inappropriate fail to debate it due to lack of counter arguments. Sometimes incorrect thoughts are conveyed by the learned or scholars because of their ignorance.

            When these incorrect criticisms are not countered appropriately, it wavers the faith of the Hindus and causes loss to Dharma (Dharmahāni). As per the current era, stopping this loss to Dharma is abiding by Dharma. Delineated below is the counter arguments for the inappropriate thoughts and criticisms about ‘Religious observances’, so that the Hindus get the mental strength to stop this loss to Dharma.

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