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The four-fold spiritual class system – a system created by God for spiritual progress

Sanatan Hindu Dharma has no beginning; it is eternal, ever new and created by God. Each and everything mentioned in it is for a reason and benevolent for mankind. Then how can the four-fold spiritual class system given by Sanatan Hindu Dharma be inappropriate ?

The Denigration of Hindu Images

The Denigration of Hindu Images and how to contribute to prevent it.

Traditional Classification of Varna, Jati and Kula

This is an important research paper shows that before the British invaded Bhaarat (India), there were fewer than 200 jaatis in Bhaarat and by the time they left, there was a 300% explosion that had 6000 jatis in Bhaarat

Chanting the name of a saint

Why chanting of a saints name is inappropriate.

Fasting has mere dietary value

Recently, a discussion on a spiritual website echoed a common sentiment about fasting. It talked about how fasting is becoming popular and is being practised by many spiritual paths, when actually it is just a part of diet control or physical fitnes.

Caste system is the spiritual class system

The article differentiates between the caste system and the spiritual class system

Why only spiritual books are called Holy texts

Reason behind spiritual books being called Holy texts

Misleading information on Why Buddhism prospered in Asia but died in India

A puzzle to most is how Buddhism disappeared in the land of its birth. Was it because people became absorbed in Hindu practices, rituals, and mythology and caste supremacy or, was it the Moghul invasions, or could it have been the failure of Bhikkus to sustain the great philosophy itself?

Raising objections about denigration hurts Hindus' image

Why does God allow natural disasters?

Immersion of Ganesh idol

Scholars Who Believe in the False History of India Are A Dying Breed

Now that India has been free for a number of decades from British rule, researchers, historians, and archeologists can all begin to take a new look at the true history of India. We can have a more unbiased view of the numerous new findings that keep cropping up that give an increasingly accurate understanding of how ancient and how advanced was the Indian Vedic civilization

Clarification of doubts related to Hinduism

We all may come across some questions, every Hindu should know the answers to such questions.

Why it is necessary to stop denigration of deities?

The Changing Landscape of Hindus in America : A Survey of Interfaith Marriages

This interfaith marriage survey shows that at least a third of new generation of Dharmics (Hindus, Jains and Sikhs) choose Abrahamics (Christians, Jews and Muslims) life mate in America.

Interfaith Marriages: What Young Dharmists Should Know, by Dr. Dilip Amin

Religious differences could bring complexities in their married life, starting with an unintended religious conversion of Dharmic and their progeny to the faith of their intended spouse. Further, divorce rates in interfaith marriages are double compared to within the same faith marriages

New Year - 31st Dec or Hindu New Year

Compares the difference between Hindu new year and a new age new year celebrations

Criticism or inappropriate thoughts about ‘Vowed religious observances (Vrat)’ and their prohibition

Refutation of the criticism or the inappropriate ideas regarding ‘the sacrament of marriage’

Intellectuals criticising that Shraddha rituals are incorrect and the refutation of the same

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