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Ganesh puppets are fun and Ganesh idol immersion is environmentally unfriendly

Recently, FHA received the following e-mail from a person using the alias S4V as a response to protest denigration against The Unemployed Philosophers Guild for selling Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh as puppets.

E-mail from the person using the alias S4V:

What is this stupidity? Puppets are fun! Ganesh does look like a cartoon! Elephant head, pot belly, broken tooth...
picture of ill-health! Hindus make AND IMMERSE MILLIONS OF GANSH IDOLS
SILTING THE  WELLS, RIVERS AND SEA every year,what an envirnomental disaster!WHY NOT PROTEST ABOUTH THAT?

Response From FHA:


Would you find puppets made after your parents to be fun ?! The elephant head, single tusk and large stomach of Lord Ganesh each have some spiritual significance, as follows:

Gajanan: Gaja means elephant and anan means face. The one with a face like that of an elephant (and a body which constitutes the entire universe).

Ekadanta or Ekashrunga: This Name is bestowed because He has only one unbroken tooth (the other is broken). It is symbolic of the singular Brahman. The word dantin is derived from the root dru- darshayati (to show). Thus the name also means He is the one who shows the direction to acquire the spiritual experience of the sole Brahman which is non-dual.

Lambodar: Lambodar is derived from lamba (large) and udar (belly). Saint Eknath has explained the meaning of this word as,

The entire visible and invisible creation dwells in You.
Hence You are called Lambodar - Shri Eknathi Bhagvat 1:3

Considering such a Lord of the Universe as a picture of ill health shows a lack of either intellect or learning attitude. Further, judging someone to be fit to be trivialized, because they appear to your limited intellect as a 'picture of ill health' also shows a lack of compassion !

As regards your so-called environmental concern, environmentalists have shown that Ganesh idol immersion does not cause pollution, but in fact, cleanses the water. As per the unique spiritual science (shastra) underlying Hindu concepts and practices, that give deep thought to the welfare of all Creation, the Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) of the idol worshipped and immersed with devotion also spiritually purifies the flowing water and its surroundings. The idol is immersed, because it is not possible for common devotees to bear the energy generated in the Ganesh idol with daily worship, following the Scriptural restrictions for its worship.

By the way, where does your so-called environmental concern disappear when industrial factories worldwide cause a million times more of a health and environmental concern ?! Or like the rest of the so called challengers of Hindu practices, is your (unfounded) criticism reserved for Hindus alone ? If not, do share with us any work you have done for the benefit of the environment so far. 

May Sree Ganesh bestow spiritually pure intellect (satbuddhi) upon all,

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