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Why does God allow natural disasters?

Recently an article 'Why does God allow natural disasters' appeared in the BBC news magazine.


The Forum for Hindu Awakening would like to throw light on the spiritual root causes that trigger natural disasters and their increasing intensity. Due to a tremendous decline in the spiritual practice of human beings in current times, much of humankind is Raja-Tama predominant. This has led to an increase in the spiritual pollution of the environment, contributing to an increase in natural disasters.  
World leaders are attempting to combat the increased intensity of natural disasters at a physical level and needless to say, the effectiveness of their efforts remains limited. What are the causes of climate change that have not been addressed? Learn more from this interesting article, courtesy of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation.

“Though externally it seems like a disaster, why can it not be God's plan to accelerate the spread of Dharma related activities!” – His Holiness Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji, India.

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