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'Persecution of Malaysian Hindus.' a presentation by Waytha Moorthy

Introduction of Waytha Moorthy


Wyatha Moorthy


Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy sometimes spelt Waythamoorthy (born 16 July 1966) is a Malaysian lawyer of Tamil origin who is currently a member of the HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force ) campaign to fight discrimination against Malaysian Hindus. Waytha Moorthy was a devotee of the Shrī Siva Balamuniswarar Hindu temple in Setapak which was demolished using government bulldozers in 2006, the Shrī Kumaravel Hindu temple Kampong Medan which has been relocated next to a sewerage tank in 2006, the Muniswarar Hindu temple in Midlands estate was demolished using a sledge hammer in 2006 and the Muniswarar temple in Seremban with a 100 year old rain tree which has been given notice to be demolished in 2006. He is accusing the British government, which was then managing British Malaya of "abandoning minority Indians to the mercy of majoritarian Malay rule while granting independence on 31 August 1957". Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy is suing for the British Government to pay £1,000,000 to each Malaysian Indian for the "pain, suffering, humiliation, discrimination and continuous colonisation". Just as Malaysia was celebrating her 50th Independence on 31 August 2007, Waytha Moorthy led a team of lawyers to file a 4 trillion pound lawsuit against the British Government. Waytha Moorthy left Malaysia on 26 November 2007 to avoid possible detention under the Internal Security Act and to obtain international support for HINDRAF's cause. He began with India and planned to proceed to London, Geneva, Brussels, Washington DC, New York and Atlanta.

On 9th November 2011, Forum for Hindu Awakening's spokesperson Mrs. Bhavna Shinde Hurley had an opportunity to attend Waytha Moorthy's eye opening presentation at the University of Maryland, USA on the plight of Malaysian Hindus. Here we are publishing that presentation, in the hope to create awareness and generate support for this cause:

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