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Refutation of the criticism or the inappropriate ideas regarding ‘the sacrament of marriage’

            Many people have criticised Sanatan Vēdic Dharma ( Hindu religion), which has been in existence from the beginning of creation, its religious texts, its Deities, its rituals, and spirituality. Some feel that this criticism is correct, while many, in spite of realising that this criticism is spiteful, yet are unable to refute it. While some scholars or students put forth inappropriate ideas out of ignorance.

            The Hindus faith becomes shaky because of non refutation of all such inappropriate ideas and criticisms and this causes degradation of Righteousness (Dharma). To prevent this degradation of Righteousness and to give the Hindus the intellectual strength, the refutation of inappropriate ideas and criticisms about ‘the sacrament of Marriage’ is given below. Click here to read more

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