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Great Hindu Sages

Mahakavi Kalidas : Greatest Scholar and Poet in Sanskut

Kalidas is one of the greatest poets and dramatists in Sanskrit. His chronicle of the kings of the Raghu clan ('Raghuvamsha'), the great play 'Shakuntala' and other works depict, through many great characters, the highest ideals of life as seen by the ancientpeople of Bharat.

Maharshi Valmiki: Composer of Great Epic Ramayana

Sage Valmiki is a great example of how people are uplifted by the company of good men. By coming into contact with Narada, he became a great sage, a Brahmarshi; and he also gave the 'Ramayana' which the world can never forget.

Great Indian Hindu Sages who revolutionised the field of Science

Our illustrious past in the field of Science before the invasions of Islamic & Portuguese hordes is worth noting. This should give inspiration to our young generation who will then realise what great scientists were produced in the golden era of India.

Bhagawan Parshuram

Parshuram who is well-versed with the four Vedas and sports the bow and arrow upon His back (that is the one who has the radiance of both the Brahman and the Kshatriya) will destroy evildoers either with a curse or with an arrow.

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