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Fifth anniversary of Forum for Hindu Awakening’s website - a beacon of Hinduism education for Hindus worldwide !

Forum for Hindu Awakening’s (FHA) website was inaugurated by His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale on Makar Sankrāntī Kaliyug Varsha 5110 (14th January 2009). On the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti Kaliyug Varsha 5115 (14th January 2014), by the grace of God, H.H. Dr. Athavale and Saints, Forum for Hindu Awakening’s website will complete its fifth anniversary.

Keeping in mind the aim to awaken society to the unique spiritual science underlying Hindu Dharma concepts and practices, to motivate people to live and preserve them, in 2013 FHA added many new features to its website this year. Some of them are : an improved interface for its “Test your knowledge” section, a facility to sign denigration protest petitions in the “Campaigns” section, a newly designed page for curious and devout Hindus worldwide to participate in FHA’s mission, an easier interface to share FHA’s articles on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube.

In 2013 FHA also introduced its unique Dharma Education calendar, Hindu chētanā in print and its free Android version for North America. This calendar provides Hindu calendar tithis as per US time zones and is offered at the lowest possible suggested donation to help temples, Hindu organizations and Hindus in North America to order the required quantities for their devotees and sādhaks . Encouraged by the positive response received by the calendar, FHA has published the calendar in yet greater quantities for year 2014.

Increasing trust in FHA

Visits from over 208 countries to FHA website almost doubled this year, receiving 395,000 visits as compared to 227,000 last year.

FHA's registered member base continued showing growth this year with many login members expressing their interest to participate in FHA’s mission to understand, live and preserve Hinduism. The ‘Ask a question’ feature continued receiving an overwhelming response with many curious asking different questions on Hinduism, bearing testimony to how the website content is inspiring visitors to take and impart education on Hinduism and to do something about the issues faced by Hindus.

In 2013 FHA initiated 10 campaigns to peacefully protest the denigrations or assaults on concepts,   symbols, objects or Saints held sacred in Hinduism. Several of these campaigns were successful in ending the denigration or assault.

Most popular articles on FHA website and the number of visits by the curious :

In 2013, the number of articles on the website increased to 679. Given ahead is the list of the popular articles on FHA website and the number of visits by the curious.

Sr No Article Visits
1. Calendar Tithi 260,000
2. Navarātri Festival 9,000
3. Hindu Chetana Panchāng 6,500
4. Event Pages 6,500
5. Importance of Mangalsūtra 5,000


Growing popularity of FHA on social media

The number of members on FHA facebook crossing the 20,000 count and many articles on Spirituality and Dharma gaining popularity through FHA facebook: In the year 2013, there was an increase in the number of visitors joining FHA on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter and the website’s login system. The number of new likes for FHA Facebook page grew by more than 10,000 in 2013 ! Many spiritual and Dharmik concepts were promoted on the FHA Facebook page, while also creating awareness about issues faced by Hindus worldwide.

FHA initiates promotion through Google+  2013 was the first year for FHA promoting articles on Dharma and spirituality through Google+, yet it has crossed more than 5,000 likes.

Feedback for FHA given by readers on social media

“Thanking you for your very useful post. I read it daily. I read today's post on bhāv ( spiritual emotions). I am facing this from last six months. whenever see the Deity Shiva my eyes get wet, almost like crying. Please help me regarding this. Still I don't have any Guru." - S. D., Bharat (India).

“Whoever is behind this page...I am very grateful to you for giving this information.. there has been many times I see a Muslim or a Christian person. They are so into their religion, because they know their religion very well, but our children or generation to come don't take pride in Hinduism. This forum is a small, but very significant step towards educating Hindus about Hinduism. - K. J., Germany.

I love this page and I appreciate the work you people are doing. - K. K.

FHA website visitors' comments and questions - testimony to the website’s contribution to the cause of Hinduism!

FHA website receives many comments and questions from its visitors regularly. Here are some examples :

  1. I and my family wish you "Happy Diwāli and Prosperous New Year." Convey our greetings to our Forum as a whole. I expect your guidance and cooperation in the New Year too. I am very happy with Forum. In gratitude. - Mr. Bhargav A., Bharat (India).
  2. Namaskār, thank you my teachers for being of such great value and help! In the morning after bath and prayers, can I do the Datta mantra while practicing my āsanas, or do it after practicing while in a meditative posture, like siddhāsana? I mean it's for two hours, but I will gladly and willingly do as you suggested, thank you so much! Jai Shrīkrushna. - Mr. Moses G., Guyana.
  3. Greetings! I have found out about FHA on Facebook and find your articles to be very practical and informative! I go to the ISKCON temple here in Houston.
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply. It was very helpful for me in analyzing my spiritual level and where I am going. I can exactly relate to various things told in the article. Thanks once again. It is a huge help for a spiritual seeker. - Mr. S. S., Singapore.


We pay gratitude unto God and the Saints who have blessed the work of Forum for Hinduism, and pray to Them to continue showering Their grace, so it is possible to meet the Dharmik needs of all supporters of Hinduism, who are interested in understanding, living and preserving Hinduism.

ShreeKrushnaarpanamastu (Offering this unto Shrikrushna),

Seekers at Forum for Hindu Awakening.

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