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Fourth anniversary of Forum for Hindu Awakening’s website : progressing forward with Hinduism education !

By the grace of God and blessings from saints Forum for Hindu Awakening’s website will complete its fourth anniversary this Makar Sankranti (14th January). It was inaugurated by His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale on Makar Sankranti 5110 (14 January 2009).

This year FHA received overwhelming response from devout and supporter of Hindus to promote the understanding, living and preserving of Hinduism.
This year FHA’s login member base almost doubled, many of these login members expressed their interest to participate / support FHA’s mission to understand, live and preserve Hinduism. The 'Ask a question' facility introduced on FHA website in mid-2011 has resulted in a growing number of queries to FHA. This year FHA received overwhelming response and over 350 questions were asked by curious, bearing testimony to how the website content is inspiring visitors to take and impart Hinduism education, and do something about issues facing Hindus.

The FHA’s site received over 218,457 visitors from over 197 countries around the world. Visits to the site rose around major Hindu festivals, articles related to Navratri and Pitrupaksha got maximum visits during the months of September and October and at the same time due to some very prominent keywords getting top listings in Google, the traffic from Google search engine grew quite significantly.The visits from Google doubled compared to last year.

FHA’s awakening activities to take up Hindus' issues

Along awakening society to unique spiritual science behind Hindu Dharma concepts, to preserve the glory of Hinduism this year FHA’s initiated fifteen campaigns to peacefully protest denigrations of or assaults on concepts, symbols, objects and saints held sacred in Hinduism. FHA got success in many of these campaigns. This year FHA conducted five Hinduism Summits to foster education about Hindu Dharma and bring together Hindu leaders across the word to spread message of Hinduism.

Visits to the FHA website (not including the visits to FHA YouTube videos)

Visitors came to FHA site from 197 countries, out of which, the top 5 were Bharat (India) 122,894, USA 63,154, UK 12,976, Canada11,405 and United Arab Emirates 6954 . 

Number of visits received by FHA website per year

Visitors from search engine Google doubled compared to 2011

People on the Internet search for various topics through Google search engine. It has brought over 172,6111 visits to the FHA website in 2012 and there has been an increase of 68% traffic from Google compared to last year.

Year Wise visits received by FHA website from Google

Most popular sections on the FHA website

Over the past year, the number of articles on the website has increased from 525 to over 650. Please find below the popular sections on the FHA website and the popularity of some of the sections and the percentage of traffic received by each section.

Article Category Visits %
Articles on dharma 102,250 53%
Articles on festivals 38,650 20%
Stories related to Dharma 20,894 11%
News articles 19,828 10%
Preservation articles 7,041 4%
Events pages 4,522 2%

The above information in the table shows the immense popularity of FHA’s Dharma education articles, it also illustrates the popularity of the articles on various festivals.

Growing response to FHA’s Facebook and Twitter pages

The past year also witnessed a tremendous growth in the number of visitors joining FHA on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and the website’s login system. FHA’s Facebook profile touched the figure of 10,000 subscribers to its page in the month of November 2012.
Many spiritual texts and texts on dharma were promoted on the FHA Facebook page for the benefit of Hindus worldwide to understand the various concepts in Hindu Dharma and to assist them to practice these concepts. In the month of September alone:

  • Total of 22 Holy texts on various aspects on Dharma and Spiritual practice were posted on FHA’s Facebook page.
  • Total of 70,000 people saw these posts on Facebook
  • 1093 people shared these holy texts on their individual Facebook walls

69 comments of active Hindus with various questions and comments were received for these posts in total.

Few people requested how to buy these holy texts and few just encouraged others in their Facebook wall to read these holy texts without fail.

A lady from Chinmaya mission, commented about a Spiritual text with the title, Spiritual Practice for awakening Spiritual emotion as following:

“This was our discussion book at Chinmaya mission indeed it takes you step closer if you practice in day to day life...” – K.Deepa

A Hindu visitor on FHA Facebook countering negative comments against FHA content and exhorting its importance:

“Very nice article and valuable info . . . It’s my sincere request that if someone is giving such information about our culture, traditions, old ways, method and meanings of praying etc., if not value it at the best, at least let's not be sarcastic about it and ignore it and not contradict that or spread negativity. Someone showed interest in doing this spending time and effort that you and me didn’t bother to do and showed us why it is that we do what we do and what is right and wrong about it. So let’s give a chance to others who will take the meaning in its right sense. Thank you and God bless all of us.” – Rajesh K.

A comment by FHA Facebook visitor, thanking us for FHA's Dharma education content:

“Thank you so much for information on this on 'How to do Namaskar'.  This “deaf” community needs to know about that. I am glad you sent it to us. Keep it up!” - Mr. R. Phadke.

FHA website visitors' comments and questions - testimony to the website’s contribution to the cause of Hinduism!

FHA website receives many comments and questions from its visitors regularly. Here are some examples:

There is a tradition of the wife taking blessings of the husband on major occasions by paying obeisance at his feet. Why is it so? - FHA Login member, Raja G., Oregon, USA.

I have a question – is it correct for people to pluck flowers (for pooja) before bathing, not purifying themselves after sleeping at night? - FHA Login member, R. Sahu, Bhubaneswar, Bhaarat (India).

I would like to know if the size of the Ganesh murti (consecrated idol) to be used during Ganesh Chaturthi can be different from year to year, or should the size be consistent every year. Because, I have heard people say that once you increase the size of the idol you cannot reduce it. Is that true? Thank You. Eagerly waiting for your reply. - K. Dave, Mumbai, Bhaarat (India).

Thanks a lot for your reply. It was very helpful for me in analyzing my spiritual level and I where I am going. I can exactly relate to various things told in the article. Thanks once again. It is a huge help for a spiritual seeker. - Mr. L. Pillai, Singapore.

“Namaste, thanks a lot for the reply. You are absolutely right that one should have learning attitude when a person reads any spiritual holy book and that has to come from inside.” - Bhavika, Delhi, India.

“Thank you very much for your wise answer. I am living in Chile. Since 1974, practicing Sivananda Yoga Vedanta. In 2010, by the Guru's Grace, I did Yatra to Vrindavan, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Netala-Uttarkashi. In several ways, day by day, I am trying to practice the Hindu Dharma.” - Yash P., Chile.


We pay gratitude unto God and the Saints who have blessed the work of Forum for Hinduism, and pray to Them to continue showering Their grace, so it is possible to meet the Dharmik needs of all supporters of Hinduism, who are interested in understanding, living and preserving Hinduism.

ShreeKrushnaarpanamastu (Offering this unto God ShreeKrushna),

'Seekers at Forum for Hindu Awakening'

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