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Our Dharmik activities to awaken and unite Hindus worldwide in April 2013 (Chaitra 5115)

Forum for Hindu Awakening’s volunteer dhak have been working selflessly to promote Dharma education, and awaken and unite supporters of Hinduism since its found in January(Paush2009. Here is a glance at these inspiring Hindu activities and the positive response we have received in April 2013 (Chaitra 5115, as per the Hindu calendar). We hope they will inspire our readers to work together to understand, live and preserve Hinduism ! Join us in serving Dharma

1. Visitors to the Forum for Hindu Awakening website (www.HinduAwakening.org)

YouTube HinduAwakening.org Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Google+
2410 37,214 12350 5928 110

2. Forum for Hindu Awakening Website

2A.Articles Published

Total articles so far: 640

Articles published for the month of April(Chaitra) 2013: 2

2B. News published

Total news published: 86

2C. Denigrations published

Total 5 denigration news were published on website under news section.

  1. Protest: Business Today depicts cricketer MS Dhoni as Shrīvishṇu

  2. Scenes denigrating "Rāmāyaṇ" removed from Hindi film "Nautanki Salaa"

  3. Apple Tree Centre UK - Hindu Temple's assurance to FHA in regards to Same-sex weddings

  4. HJS effect: Indecent picture of Shrī Durgā Dēvī removed from exhibition

  5. Indian NGOs protest against Zul Noordin over video

2D. Campaigns

2D 1. Forum for Hindu Awakening taking up a campaign to protest against a video on Youtube denigrating Deity Natarāj: Forum for Hindu Awakening initiated protest against the YouTube video clip ridiculing the Hindu Deity Nataraj and making mockery of Hinduism. An appeal was made to devout Hindus to protest against this denigration by sending emails to register peaceful, but educative protest. Also an appeal was made to devout Hindus to report abuse for this video.

3. Prasar in all regions

3A. Asia-Pacific and A city in Middle East

3A 1. Curious taking benefit of the Dharma satsangs in A city in Middle East by attending them physically and through Skype: Two Dharma satsangs were held in A city in Middle East on Chaitra Shukla Paksha Dwitīyā, Kaliyug Varsh 5115, (April 12, 2013) and Chaitra Krushna Paksha Pratipadā, Kaliyug Varsh 5115, (April 28, 2013) at a seeker’s residence on ‘Brāhmamuhūrt, Karadarshan, avoid sleeping in the day time’ and ‘Āratī, correct method of performing Aarti’ respectively. 12 curious attended each satsang physically and 7 curious from another Emirate attended via skype. A curious who has started attending regularly shared an anubhuti of subtle fragrance. When she shifted to her new apartment which was outwardly not so good and big when compared to her earlier apartment, she took that decision as she felt subtle positive vibrations in this apartment. Her family was not happy with this decision, but later on many occasions her husband and daughter could get smell of incense stick and they too stated feeling good. Earlier apartment was big and spacious but she used to feel very heavy and tired. When she got to learn about subtle dimension and spiritual healing she decided to change the apartment.

3B. North America

3B 1. Panchāng 2014 prasar efforts across North America:

3B 1A. Positive response for East Coast 2014 Panchang: Seekers from Toronto, Canada and New Jersey have been actively doing prasar for Hindu Chētanā 2014 Panchang. With the efforts of seekers, the East coast calendar has confirmed advertisements for 32 Advertisement spaces so far for the East Coast standard 2014 Panchang. A Panchang order of 10 has also been confirmed from a Dharmabhimani. Four Temples have also shown interest in custom made calendars after meeting with them.

3B 1B. Positive response for West Coast 2014 Panchang: Seekers from California have been actively doing prasar for 2014 Panchang. With the efforts of seekers, the West coast calendar has confirmed advertisements for 33 Ad spaces so far for the West Coast standard 2014 Panchang. One small temple in city of San Jose has shown interest in custom made calendars.

3B 1C. Inspiring efforts for Offline prasar by seekers of California: 7 seekers from California have been making weekly efforts to visit temples, stores, and restaurants for 2014 Panchang prasar. Seekers have completed visiting nearly 60% of total planned locations in 10 cities.

3B 1D. Inspiring efforts for Offline prasar by seekers of Toronto: Seekers from Toronto have been making efforts to visit individual Dharmaabhimanis, Hindu organisations, temples, stores, and restaurants for 2014 Panchang. Three seekers have visited 40% of the total planned locations in various cities.

3C 1E. Seekers Online prasar efforts in North America: Two seekers have made very good efforts in calling restaurants, temples, organisations and business in California where local seekers cannot visit.

3B 2. Prasar efforts of Toronto seekers to introduce Sanskrut as international language in schools: In April(Chaitra) 2012 Dharmajāgruti sabhā, a resolution was passed by Forum for Hindu awakening with the help of the Dharmajagruti sabha attendees about introducing Sanskrut as an international language in schools. Seekers met with Mrs. Varsha Naik from Peel District School on Chaitra Krushna Paksha Dwitiya 5115 (April 27, 2013), to discuss the possibility of introducing Sanskrut language in the Peel regional schools. Seekers from Toronto are collecting data through online survey along with “Sanskrut Bharati” organisation to promote Sanskrut education.

The Peel District School Board (old name: English-Language Public District School Board No. 19[4][5]) is a school district that serves approximately 155,000 kindergarten to grade 12 students at more than 230 schools in the Region of Peel in Ontario, Canada (municipalities of Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga).

The board employs more than 15,000 full-time staff and is the largest employer in Peel Region. It is the second largest school board in Canada.

4. Dharma satsangs and Bālsatsangs in regions          

Centre Dharma education satsangs Children’s sanskār satsangs
NA 2 4
AP 2 0

5. Key Highlights

5A. Article optimisation seva

A new article was written for the festival of Rāmnavamī  and an adwords campaign was introduced to it. A call to action button was also added to the above page and was tested to check how readers would react to it.

Following are the results of the call to action button.

Total visits received by the page 1072 visits
Total clicks on the call to action button 13
Total members signed up with FHA 2

5B. Highlights of Adwords campaign and their results

5B 1. Remarkable increase in new visits due to Adwords campaign: A total of 21,925 new visits were received this month to FHA website through the Google adwords campaign.

5B 2. The campaign on Hindu Panchang was the most successful as it had the maximum response.

5B 3. Breakdown of visits as per each campaign

Campaign name Visits to FHA website
Hindu Panchang 18,057
Gudhi Padwa 1749
Ram Navami  1072
Hanumān Jayantī 1047

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