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Our Dharmik activities to awaken and unite Hindus worldwide in November 2012 (Āshwin-Kārtik 5114)

Forum for Hindu Awakening’s volunteer sādhaks have been working selflessly to promote Dharma education, and awaken and unite supporters of Hinduism since its founding in January (Paush) 2009. Here is a glance at these inspiring Hindu activities and the positive response we have received in November (Kārtik) 2012. We hope they will inspire our readers to work together to understand, live and preserve Hinduism! Join us in serving Dharma.

1. Visitors to the Forum for Hindu Awakening website (www.HinduAwakening.org)

YouTube HinduAwakening.org Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Login members
23,291* 27,414 10356 4879 33

* This month we received a substantial increase in visits to the YouTube channel of FHA due to the top listing of Diwali videos

2. Denigrations taken up for protest

Total 3 denigrations were taken up for further protest, as follows:

1. Protest against Rupa Thermocot advertisement denigrating the Hindu Dharmik word 'Swāhā':  Rupa Thermocot's "Hot New Indian Ad 'Swaha' - Rupa Thermocot" is mocking the Hindu Dharmik word 'Swaha'. Rupa Thermocot company is trivializing this word by using it in seductive lyrics to promote their innerwear for men. The advertisement  appears on Marathi TV channels seen in USA. FHA's seeker promptly wrote to Rupa Thermocot owners, bringing to their attention the anti Hindu nature of this advertisement that is hurting the religious sensitivities of millions of Hindus. However, there has been no response from Rupa Thermocot. Hindu Janajāgruti Samiti has been requested to see if any legitimate protests against this India based company can be held in India.

In light of this, campaign appealing devout Hindus to peacefully protest the denigration was launched by FHA on Kārtik Shukla paksha navamī, Kaliyug varsha 5114, (November 22, 2012).

2. Organizers of an art exhibition in a city in Middle East that had included Late Mr. M. F. Husain's paintings assure about exclusion of the paintings after the protest launched online: FHA received a complaint about a press release that stated that Late Mr. M.F. Husain's paintings were included in an art exhibition titled "Classical Art in the Palace - From Picasso and Matisse to M. F. Husain" to be held at Emirates Palace's Mezzaluna restaurant in a city in Middle East from 21st November (Kārtik) 2012 to 10th January (Paush) 2013. The press release had heaped praises on Late M. F. Husain's art. FHA's seeker promptly wrote to the organizers, bringing to their attention the anti Hindu nature of Late Husain's paintings that often depicted Hindus' revered Deities as nude or in perverted sexual positions.

At first, there was no response from the organizers. Hence, a campaign, appealing supporters of Hinduism to protest, was launched on FHA website.

On Kārtik Shukla paksha Chaturdashī, Kaliyug varsha 5114 (November 27, 2012), the organizers write  back, assuring FHA's seeker that Late Mr. M. F. Husain's paintings are not on display at this art exhibition. The seeker is currently in the process of confirming this, since it is contrary to their press release statement, and until then, the protest campaign will continue.

3. Yatra Company withdraws denigrating advertisements denigrating the Hindu Dharmik  practices and apologizes to Hindus: FHA received an email from a Hindu, complaining about an ad by Yatra.com, denigrating the Hindu Dharmik practice of showing dhoop after Āratī. In the ad, set in a home outside India, there is a teenage Hindu girl sitting with her non-Hindu friend, while the Hindu girl's mother is doing dhoop. When the non-Hindu friend asks the Hindu girl the significance of the dhoop ritual, the Hindu girl responds that her mother does this every morning to test the fire alarm system at home. The advertisement concludes on a humorous note by urging people to buy cheap flight tickets to India on Yatra.com, to better familiarize their children raised outside India to Indian/Hindu culture.

FHA's seeker wrote to the Yatra Company regarding the advertisement denigrating Hindu practices. The Company has taken the educative protest into consideration and confirmed that they have taken down the Arati ad as well as another similar ad surrounding the Hindu concept of bindi and tendered an apology.

3. Online prasar report of FHA

3A. Prasar on Facebook through the post of 'How to do Namaskār' with subtle drawing: The post on 'How to do Namaskar' with the subtle drawing of namaskar correct posture was received very well. It was seen by 3733 people. It was shared by 2558 people on their individual Facebook walls.

3B. It is necessary that the deaf society understand the correct methods of Namaskar: Thank you so much for information on this on 'How to do Namaskar. Deaf community needs to know about that. I am glad you sent it to us. Keep it up. - Mr. Ramesh Phadke

4. The comment of a Dharmabhimani countering a criticism and sarcastic comment of a reader

4A. Sarcastic comment: What's the value of this frequency? Perhaps we can use some oscillator or signal generator to generate it and place it on our forehead – Mr. Jayakrishnan Kunnath

Comment by a Dharmabhimani: Very nice article and valuable information. By the way, Jayakrishnan Kunnath, I really appreciate your excellent sense of humor in your comments above. Its my sincere request that if someone is giving such information about our culture, traditions, old ways, method and meanings of praying etc. if not value it at the best, at least lets not be sarcastic about it and ignore it and not contradict that or spread negativity. Someone showed interest in doing this spending time and effort which you and me didn't bother to do and showed us why it is that we do what we do and what is right and wrong about it. So lets give chance to others who will take the meaning in its right sense. Thank you and God bless all of us. - Mr. Rajesh Konnanath

5.  Regional Prasar

5A. Asia Pacific and A city in Middle East

5A 1. Dharmasatsangs and Bālsatsangs on the occasion of Diwali: On Āshwin Krushna paksha Trutīyā, Kaliyug varsha 5114, (November 2, 2012) a satsang on 'Spiritual significance of Diwali' was held in a city in Middle East where 17 curious attended it. In a subtle experimented conducted of Diya lamp verses electric lamp, two seekers could subtle see an earthen lamp on the envelope in which picture of Diya lamp was kept.

5A 2. To obtain spiritual benefit from the festival of Diwali, balsatsang being held and many bālsādhaks beginning to chant: On Āshwin Krushna paksha Trutiya, Kaliyug varsha 5114, (November 2, 2012) a balsatsang on 'How to celebrate Diwali, malpractices to avoid & get maximum benefit of following ritualistic vows' was held. 10 balsadhaks participated in this satsang. When taking review of balsadhaks, it was observed that most of them have started chanting.

5A 3. Holding a prasar event in a city in Middle East for the first time and showing a Diwali video in the satsang: On Āshwin Krushna paksha Dashamī Kaliyug Varsha 5114, (November 9, 2012), a prasar event on the occasion of Diwali was held for the first time in a city in Middle East. A lecture on 'The spiritual significance of Diwali' was conducted. 32 curious attended this event. The lecture included various video clippings pertaining to Diwali celebration explaining the spiritual significance of Diwali, how to celebrate Diwali in an auspicious manner so as to acquire maximum spiritual benefit and also how to avoid denigration of Deities during the festival.

5A 4. Discourse in Marathi on Vāstushāstra and Vāstushuddhi and getting a positive response from curious: On Kārtik Shukla paksha Dashami, Kaliyug Varsha 5114, November 23, 2012, discourse on vastushastra and vastushuddhi was held at the vāstu of Shri. Rajeev Joshi (Dharmabhimani). 23 curious and 3 children attended the event. Discourse was conducted in Marathi explaining about vastushastra and vsstushuddhi. The attendees were also explained the importance of Family Deity Kuladēvatā chant. There was a brisk sale of nāmpattis which indicated that they had understood the importance of putting nampattis in the vastu and total 11 panchāngs were sold. Initially the host had kept candle light in front of Shrīkrushṇa's photo but when we politely explained the importance of lighting ghee lamp, she readily agreed and replaced it with ghee lamp.

5B. North America

5B 1. Blessings of a Saint to to FHA karya: On Āshwin Krushna paksha Chaturdashī,Kaliyug varsha 5114 (November 13, 2012), Mr. Amey Ranade and a seeker visiting US from Chennai, India, Mrs. Uma Ravichandran visited the Indian Community Centre (it is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization in Milpitas, California. Its stated mission is to preserve the culture, values and heritage of India) to seek the blessings of a visiting Saint, Shrī Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji (He is the head of Avadhoota Datta Peetham in Mysore. His methods to realise the ultimate truth include nāmsankeertana, nāmjap and other rituals. He has installed Deity Datta temples in India, USA and the West Indies). Seekers familiarized Swamiji with FHA's Karya and presented Him FHA brochure, West Coast calendar, Hinduism Summit (Dharma jagruti Sabha) souvenir, and Sanatan Sanstha's granth and set of 7 Tamil booklets. Swamiji blessed FHA's karya.

5B 2. Deepavali lecture in Minnesota: On Kārtik Shukla paksha Panchamī, Kaliyug varsha 5114 (November 18, 2012) Mr. Abhijeet Kulkarni conducted 30 min lecture at Riverside, Indian Community center in Fridley, Minnesota. The lecture topic was "Spiritual importance of Deepavali and How to do Namaskar". The total attendance was 21.

5B 3. Good response to a small Dharma sabha held in Toronto: On Kārtik Shukla paksha Pratipadā, Kaliyug varsha 5114 (November 24, 2012) a blissful classroom size Dharma jagruti Sabha was held in Brampton, Canada. Total attendance was over 20. 10 Dharma education flex posters were put up along with an exhibition of sāttvik products, granth and FHA East Coast calendars. 5 Dharmabhimanis bought Panchāngsss.

6. Dharma education satsangs and lectures held in abroad centres                  

Centre Dharma education satsangs Children’s sanskar satsangs
DC 5 4
America & Canada 3 5

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