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How to celebrate Gudhi padwa?

In the Understanding section of this website we have seen the importance of celebrating the Hindu New Year on the day of Chaitra Shukla Pratipadā that is Gudhī padwa or Yugaadi and the importance of hoisting a special flag (DharmaDhwaj). This article is about how to celebrate Gudhi padwa in a spiritually correct manner, so that a devotee can get maximum benefit of the day not only at a psychological and intellectual level but also at a spiritual level. Click here to read more.

1. Introduction

2. Celebration of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada

2.1 Ablution with oil (abhyangsnān) - an auspicious bath

2.2 Decorating the doorstep

2.3 Ritualistic worship(pujā)

2.4 Hoisting of the flag (DharmaDhwaj)

2.5 Listening to the religious almanac (panchāng shravaṇ)

2.6 An offering (Prasād) of neem

2.7 Ploughing the soil

2.8 Donation

2.9 Performing actions which bestow happiness

2.10 Greeting Cards

3. Essential qualities required for imbibing Prajāpati frequencies on this day

3.1 Difference between Yam and Prajapati frequencies

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