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Raksha Bandhan - a spiritual celebration


1. Introduction 

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day (paurnimā) of the Hindu lunar month of Shrāvan. On this day, a sister waves a platter with a ghee lamp on it, in front of her brother and ties rice, gold and white mustard in a pouch making a raksha i.e. rakhi and then ties it to her brother's wrist.

On this day, the Shrī Ganēsh and Shrī Saraswati Dēvī principles reach earth in a higher proportion. This benefits both the siblings. Raksha Bandhan is the day on which prayers are offered to God by both the siblings for each other's protection.

Spiritually pure (sattvik) rangolī should be drawn around the wooden seat, where the brother is to sit while tying the rakhi. The rakhi should also be sattvik. The love of the sister for her brother is reciprocated in the form of a gift given by the brother on this occasion. 

2. Rakshaa Bandhan - the celebration*

2.1 The science behind drawing rangoli around the wooden seat

Rangoli should be drawn around the wooden seat, where the brother is to sit while tying the raakhi. A spiritually pure (ttvik) rangoli emits spiritually pure frequencies which make the surrounding environment sattvik. Such a rangoli imbibes 10% of the sattvik energy from God which in turn can be gained by the embodied souls present there. This helps to decrease the intensity of distress caused due to negative energies.

2.2 The waving of a ghee lamp

After tying the raakhi, a ghee (clarified butter) lamp placed on a platter, is waved in front of the brother. While the waving of the ghee lamp, the Absolute fire element (Tēj, one of the five basic elements constituting the universe) emitted through the lamp helps to increase Absolute fire principle in the brother. A ghee lamp has the capacity to attract the Divine energy (coming from God). 10% of the Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) of God is active in that flame. (The flame of an oil lamp has 3% active Divine consciousness of God. An oil lamp increases the Raja component). Also the flame of a ghee lamp burns serenely. This increases the brother's capacity to think calmly.

2.3 The reason behind not keeping expensive items in the platter

Money or expensive items should not be kept in the platter. When such items are kept in the platter, desire and the corresponding impression (sanskaar) is created in the mind of the sister. Due to this, the amount of impresssions of the spiritually impure components (Raja-Tama), increases in her mind. These create conflicts between the siblings and reduces her love towards the brother.

2.4 The importance of having spiritual emotion while tying raakhi

In order to staunch the blood flowing from a wound on Sree Krushna's finger, Draupadi tore one side of her saree and tied it as a bandage on Sree Krushna's finger. A sister cannot bear any kind of trouble or discomfort to her brother. She can do anything to relieve her brother from his difficulties. Every sister should keep such spiritual emotion (bhāv) on the day of Rakshaa Bandhan while tying the raakhi.

3. The importance of tying a raakhi without expecting anything from your brother*

On the day of Rakshaa Bandhan if a sister expects a gift from her brother, then she is deprived of the spiritual benefit gained on that day.  The significance of this day, from the spiritual point of view, is to reduce the give and take account. If the gift is received with expectation, then the give and take account increases three times. Due to the expectations, the benefit of the frequencies of love and bliss present in the environment, cannot be derived.

4. The importance of giving a gift on the day of Rakshaa Bandhan*

On the day of Rakshaa Bandhan every brother gives a gift to his sister. Following are the gross and subtle reasons for this.

  • The gross things help us to always remember each other.

  • The give and take account is reduced by one percent.

  • The value of the love and affection which the sister continuously showers on her brother, is countless; however a brother can partially repay her by giving a loving gift, which he tries to give in the gross form.

  • While giving a gift, the spiritual emotion of the brother towards God has a positive impact on the sister. Hence a sister should not ask for a gift, but accept it if he gives it voluntarily. Otherwise it is best to avoid it.

5. The importance of giving a spiritually pure (sattvik) gift*

Spiritually pure gifts do not have any materialistic impact or effect on the embodied souls. The embodied soul giving a sattvik gift is benefited by 20% whereas the embodied soul receiving the gift is benefited by 18%.

By doing spiritually pure deeds, the give and take account is reduced and a new account is not created. 

* Based on Divine knowledge received by some seekers doing sadhanaa per Gurukrupāyoga.

To know more about this Divine knowledge please visit the about us section of this website.


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