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Brahman Bhojan, Agnoukaran & Pindapujan Ritual

The brāhman  invited for the place of the deceased ancestors (pitars) in the ritual is seated facing the north. He is called the pitar-brahman. The brahmin invited for the place of Deity in the ritual is seated facing the east. He is called Dēv-brahman. A small square is marked with water on the ground in front of the Dev-brahman from the northwest to the northeast and the banana leaf is placed on it to offer the meal to him. A circle is marked on the ground with water in front of the pitar-brahman in the same way. There after the meal is served on leaves to the Family Deity, Deities worshipped traditionally in the house, cow, for pindbhojan etc. A sheath of Holy ash (bhasma) is drawn around the leaf to prevent negative energies from creating obstacles in the meal.

The three main aspects of the ritual of shrāadha are:

  • Offering oblation in the fire (Agnoukaran). In the Rugvēda period, pitrupūjā  was performed by offering the pinda as oblation in the sacrificial fire.

  • Offering meal to the brahmins (Brāhman-bhojan )

  • Pindpujan, that is, offering the pind

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