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Vrat of Shree Ganesh

Shree Ganēsh is the bestower of intellect. Among the seven Kundalinī chakras in the human body, the seat of Shree Ganesh is in the Mūlādhār-chakra. Shree Ganesh is the bestower of happiness. He has the ability to destroy the negative energies in the Universe. Hence, He is also called the Destroyer of Distress (Dukhahaharta). All the doubts are destroyed by His grace. With His grace, a person’s intellect becomes stable and the mind becomes calm. Many devotees perform the vrat of the benevolent Shree Ganesh with the spiritual emotion of faith. The vrat that is performed on Shree Ganesh Chaturthī is also called Siddhivināyaka vrat. Click here to read more.

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