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Our Dharmik activities to awaken and unite Hindus worldwide in December 2013 and January 2014

Forum for Hindu Awakening’s volunteer dhak have been working selflessly to promote Dharma education, and awaken and unite supporters of Hinduism since its found in January (Paush2009. Here is a glance at these inspiring Hindu activities and the positive response we have received in December 2013 and January 2014. We hope they will inspire our readers to work together to understand, live and preserve Hinduism ! Join us in serving Dharma


  • New articles uploaded: A total of 17 new articles were published on the Forum for Hindu awakening website in the months of December 2013  and January 2014. There are now 678 total articles on various topics.

  • Denigrations published: A total of 11 denigration news were published under new section in the last two months.

  • Campaigns: Campaign of protest against the denigration of sacred Hindu Deities by Whip In (Kamala Brewing), Austin, Texas was started.  A severe denigration of Hindu deities and practices by Whip In’s Kamala brewing (previously known as Namaste Brewery) in Austin Texas. Whip In has several house made beers named after sacred Hindu deities like Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha. Attempts have been made by several Hindus to educate the owners into removing the names and images of Hindu deities from their products, but the owners have rejected all such requests to stop the denigration of Hindu deities, and are continuing to denigrate the Hindu deities and practices. FHA launched signature campaign on the website appealing devout Hindus to protest this denigration.

  • Big increase in FHA Facebook fans: In the month of January 2014 FHA Facebook registered 5449 new fans which is a big increase compared to last few months.

  • New visits to FHA website through the Google Ad words campaign: Total of 25,191 new visits were received in the month of December 2013 and 25,374 in January 2014 to FHA website through the Google ad words campaign.

  • FHA article in publication: The Indian magazine from Hong Kong printed an article on 'Valentine's Day' in its Jan/Feb '14 issue.


Visits and Rank

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January 2014 Page Rank 2 359,900 633 32,060

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1227 28,500 8,671 7084

Comments from readers

  • Thanks again and again for your beautiful posts. - Mr. NS

  • May I know who is the administrator of this page. I need to applaud for the commendable work done. This is also what our generation needs to know and this page is doing a phenomenal job by updating us with Hindu Dharma. I highly appreciate your efforts. - Mr. SG

  • This is very informative. Such questions have always come to my mind and not been answered. Good job really! - Ms. RS


North America

  • Distributions of ‘Hindu Chetana 2014’ panchangs: A total of 313 panchangs were distributed in the last 2 months in the East coast and West coast of North America.

  • Panchang prasar and short speech on Makar Sankranti in South Florida at Maharashtra mandal event: On January 25, 2014, a FHA volunteer got the opportunity to distribute Panchangs and to give a short speech on the topic of Makar Sankranti in South Florida. Total attendance was around 35-40. Getting inspired from the lecture, one lady was inspired and ordered 30 booklets (Sattvik Rangoli) to distribute in her Sankrati event.

  • FHA seekers conduct a lecture and circulate fliers imparting Dharma education at Livermore temple, California: On December 21, 2013, local seekers got a prasar opportunity at the local Livermore temple.  A short lecture was conducted on the topic of ‘Achardharma’ followed by practical Q&A session. Total attendees at presentation were about 50. Around 30 fliers explaining about Achardharma and science behind celebration of New Year as per Hindu Dharma were circulated.

  • A Christian lady seeks permission for publishing story from FHA website on topic of ‘Faith’: On January 28, 2014, FHA toll free number was contacted by one curious, from a Christian organisation in Nebraska who asked for permission to publish one story (Faith of a child) from FHA website in their devotional booklet which will be printed next month (This booklet will be print before March 2014 and though she does not know how many copies will be printed she shared that they have 3360 active members in their church). The article was submitted to the Church organisation where the name of FHA has been recognized as the source of the story.

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