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Dowsing with a pendulum

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Dowsing with a pendulum



Spiritual research using a pendulum

In contrast to the efforts of an average dowser, who would be looking for something concrete such as a ground water or mineral source, or answers to questions on relationships, investments etc., SSRF's research using pendulum was focused on understanding the basic principles associated with dowsing as well as establishing basic principles associated with the subtle world or the spiritual dimension.


Introduction to spiritual research using a pendulum

To achieve our research objective, we explored various variables related to dowsing. We complemented our analysis with input from the SSRF subtle-knowledge section. This article explains how we went about our spiritual research using a pendulum. Read more...


dowsingComparative study of dowsing an object using a pendulum by seekers with and without negative energy distress (PEN-01)

In this study we conducted an experiment to examine a spiritual variable against the results of dowsing with a pendulum. We compared the dowsing of an object by two seekers - one with and one without negative energy distress. Read more ...


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