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Destiny and the rule of give-and-take

Many events in our lives are destined, beginning from our birth and the family that we are born into. One is born into a family, where conditions are conducive to undergo one’s destiny and where one has significant give-and-take account with each member of the family.

According to the law of karma, every positive deed generates a ‘merit’ while every negative deed generates a ‘demerit’ or a sin. Subsequently one has to reap the results of one’s actions. Whenever one does a good deed to others, it is bound to give a positive return (in the form of some happiness), apart from a simple thank you from that person! Whenever one inflicts harm, it is bound to give negative return in the form of sorrow in some form. It cannot be undone by a simple ‘Sorry’!

The law of karma is infallible. It is something like Newton’s third law of motion, which states, ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

Throughout our lives we are either settling an old account or creating a new one. If the account cannot be settled in this birth it is carried over to the next. We are not consciously aware of the give-and-take accounts generated in our previous births. Read more ...

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