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Shakti (Divine Energy)

Kashmir Shaivism : Deity Shiva and Deity Shakti inseperable?

Divine Energy is not distinct from Shiva but is present in Him. Her external active form is sometimes gross or subtle and at other times manifest or unmanifest. The cycle of the universe is maintained by Her subtle or magnified form.

Science in the act of offering a specific flower to a specific Deity

One prominent objective of worshipping a Deity is that the devotee should derive optimum benefit for his spiritual progress from the chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in the idol of the Deity. Specific flowers have better ability to attract the subtlest particles of a specific Deity's principle.

What is importance of 'offering a sari' for the Goddess?

Invariably offering Her a sari and a blouse-piece concludes the ritualistic worship of a Goddess. Offering this to a Goddess is akin to praying to Her attributeless form to work for one's spiritual progress and welfare through the medium of 'with attribute' form.

What is the correct method of saying Arati to Goddess?

The Goddess principle, that is the Divine energy principle is a confluence of the saviour and destroyer forms of Energy.

Why is active Divine Energy on Ashtami equivalent to an odd date (tithi)?

Even dates are associated with Shiva (Brahman) while odd ones are associated with Divine Energy (Shakti) [the Great Illusion (Maya)]. On chaturthi, ashtami (eighth day), dashami and paurnima (full moon day) the 360 and 108 frequencies form a specific angle; hence frequencies of deities reach the earth in greater amounts.

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