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Points given by Shrīkrushṇa for preparing seekers for protection of Righteousness (Dharma)

1. Upon praying for the protection of Hindus adversely affected by the Assam riots, Shrīkrushṇa showed the following sequence of events.

On Shrāvaṇ Shukla Dwādashī, Kaliyuga Varsha 5114 (30.7.2012) at 12.15 a.m. I was praying for the protection of the Hindus adversely affected by the Assam riots. Then, Shrīkrushṇa showed me the following sequence of events.

  • Muslims were burning down the houses of Hindus.
  • As the Muslims were burning down many villages simultaneously, the Hindus residing there became afraid and were running in every direction.
  • The politicians were ignoring the Hindus who were displaced during the riots. They were merely showing sympathy towards the Muslims and were catering to them.
  • The devout Hindus in Assam who have love for Dharma were helping these displaced Hindus.


2. Shrīkrushṇa’s points about the state of the Hindus

2A. Only after being burnt by the oppression or cruelty by other religions, Hindus will realise the importance of their own Dharma and they will unite

Shrīkrushṇa said, “Under the guise of secularism, Hindus befriend the people of other religions namely, Christians and Muslims. At that time, they do not feel anything about it or they are oblivious to everything; however when the same secular Hindus are attacked by the people of other religions, they realise the importance of the devout Hindus who are sincere towards Hindu Dharma who come to help them in their hour of need. This dreadful situation which unfolded in Assam will take place in all states. Everywhere, the Hindus who are sincere and have loyalty towards their Dharma will help the Hindus. Then, Hindus will realise the importance of their own religion and then Hindus will unite.


2B. As God is benevolent, He will protect every Karma-Hindu who will call out to Him when adversity befalls on him and also the Hindus who are making efforts to protect Dharma

To take out the Hindus from their secularism and develop pride about their own Dharma, there is no alternative to being burnt by the oppression or cruelty by people of other religions; as most of the Hindus are merely Hindus by birth and not Karma Hindus (The Hindu who abides by Hindu Dharma). They are merely born in Hindu Dharma; however, they have forgotten Hindu Dharma and only think about their own happiness. Why should Dharma, meaning God help them ? Even so, as God is benevolent, He keeps giving the last chance to such Hindus by birth also.”

Shrīkrushṇa said further, “Even if such Hindus call out to me when adversity befalls them, I will protect them. I will definitely protect the Hindus who are working towards protecting Dharma; because Dharma protects one who abides by it.”


2C. It is necessary that along with making prayers for their own spiritual progress, seekers pray for becoming worthy of being able to pray for the protection of Dharma

As the present time is very adverse for Hindu Dharma, it is necessary that along with making prayers for their own spiritual progress, seekers make the following prayers for becoming worthy of being able to pray for the protection of Dharma. If they pray from this moment, then they will get the strength of Dharma (known as Dharmabal) and they will be able to perform actions to protect Dharma when adverse times befall on them

  1. ‘O Shrīkrushṇa, let me realise the greatness of Hindu Dharma.’
  2. ‘O Shrīkrushṇa, let the pride for Hindu Dharma increase in me.’
  3. ‘O Shrīkrushṇa, You only get the efforts for protecting the Hindu Dharma done through me.’
  4. ‘O Shrīkrushṇa, let me be aware of the assaults on Dharma and You only get the efforts for being able to stop them.’
  5. ‘O Shrīkrushṇa, give me the strength to protect Dharma. For that, You teach me devotion unto You,’
  6. ‘O Shrīkrushṇa, let me be able to offer everything at Your Holy Feet for protecting Dharma.’


3. Preparation for the battle between Dharma and adharma (Righteousness and unrighteousness)

While doing every action, if seekers make prayers about Dharma along with regular prayers, the ability to sustain in the battle for Dharma will develop in them. Making efforts maximally to make the above stated prayers is the preparation of the seekers for the battle of Dharma. Guru expects that seekers should prepare for this battle of Dharma; therefore instead of thinking about their own spiritual level, it is necessary that seekers think about Dharma. Will God not increase the spiritual level of the one who is prepared to offer everything for Dharma meaning for God ?

With a thought that as Shrīkrushṇa has given the points stated above, He will only get the efforts done through us seekers, I expressed gratitude at His Holy Feet.


- A Sadhika, Mumbai, India.


Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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