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Rajmata Jijabai : Inspiration of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

12 June 2012 is Rajmata Jijabai Bhosale Smrutīdin as per Hindu Almanac. HJS salutes Rajmata Jijabai - Inspiration of Greatest Hindu king of Millenium Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

The shape, durability and quality of a pot are entirely dependent on the skill and the creativity of the potter.
Likewise Chatrapati Shivaji Raj was entirely nurtured to fight the enemies who were obstructing the Establishment of Hindavi Swarajya.
Jijau was born to Mhakasabai and Lakhoji Jadhav in Sindkhed territory. As she grew up, the sufferings of Hindus under the Mughal rule was perceived by her.
At the small age when girls play with dolls Jijau immersed in learning sword fighting. Her mother nurtured Jijau's courage by telling the tales of valor.
The situation in the country was to provide services to Mughal Rulers, to become local commanding officers under Mughals the actual enemy, praise them and loot own people for them.
Hindu women were being assaulted by Muslims and auctioned. Society had become a mute spectator. Farmers were working on empty stomachs, only for Mughals. Jijau was searching for a person who could fight this injustice.
Jijau was married to Sahaji Raj Bhosale in the year 1605. She finally found recourse in prayers, by appealing to Goddess Bhavani to give her a son who would be bright, accomplished and immensely capable of establishing “Swarajya”. Click here to read more.

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