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Which are the five essential components for functioning of Universe?

The word swayambhu [self-manifest (स्‍वयंभू)] has been derived from two words swayam (स्‍वयं) and bhu (भू). Swayam means by oneself and bhu bhavati means to be or to exist. Origin of God’s resolve of ‘Let Me manifest in several forms from My being single (एकोऽहं बहुस्‍याम्‌)’ is called Swayambhu. This thought of creation is extremely subtle.

For both, creation of the Universe from The Supreme God and its blending with Him, that is for its dissolution, the following five components are necessary : 1. The thought of creation and its occurrence accordingly, 2. Merging with The Supreme God again and experiencing Bliss from it, 3. Components required for the merger, 4. Sustenance of creation for sometime and 5. Multiplication of creation.

Among these components 1. ‘Creation’ is immediately followed by 2. ‘Merging with The Supreme God’. The order is not 1. Creation, 2. Sustenance, 3. Multiplication, 4. Components required for the merger and 5. Merging with The Supreme God, because after creation if one is not shown how much Bliss there is in the experience of union then no one would have paid any attention to the factors necessary for the union, not realising the significance of the union after sustenance and multiplication.

The five components in the order given above are said to be Deity Prajāpati, Deity Brahmā, Deity Shiva, Shrīvishnu and Deity Meenākshī respectively. Click here to read more.

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