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Why does Muladhar chakra get activated by the chanting of the Name of family Deity?

Family Deities may be male or female or belonging to the Shaiva or Vaishnav sects. Some have both male and female family Deities whereas others have only the male or the female Deity. In the Shaiva sect if Deity Shiva is the male family Deity, then Deity Pārvatī is the female family Deity and in the Vaishnav sect if Shrīvishnu is the male family Deity then Shrī Lakshmī is the female family Deity. In the Path of Devotion (Bhaktimārg) this pairing of Deities is done because the frequencies of Deity Shiva and Deity Parvati and Shrivishnu and Shri Lakshmi are complementary to each other as Deity Parvati and Shri Lakshmi are the Divine Energies (Shakti) of Deity Shiva and Shrivishnu respectively. Sometimes however even if Deity Shiva is the male family Deity, Shri Lakshmi is the female family Deity. The reasons for this are given below.

  • Among worshippers of Divine Energy as in the Tantra sect, a greater generation of energy is desired, hence this tradition is adopted. Since frequencies of Deity Shiva and Shri Lakshmi are different the energy so generated with their combination is greater than that produced with the combination of Deity Shiva and Deity Parvati.

  • If Deity Shiva has been one’s family Deity but upon someone’s advice one’s ancestors had commenced the worship of Shri Lakshmi then Her idol is also placed in the temple at home and both the Deities are worshipped by future generations.

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