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Bajiprabhu Deshpande: The hero of Pavankhind

Today we Hindus are in dire need of Kshatriya (Warrior) pride which the leaders of today, save a few noteworthy exceptions, shamefully lack.

For any true Hindu and a lover of Bharat Varsh, the study of Chhatrapati Shivaji's life is awe-inspiring.  Over and above being a great and ferocious warrior and in many ways a forerunner in counter-Jehadi-terrorism  in 17th century Bharat, Shivaji was a devoted son to his mother Jijau ,a devoted Seeker (Bhakt) of Goddess Bhavani, and a champion protector of the weak and innocent. The daring exploits of this proud Maratha warrior king are extraordinary.

And in many of his exploits, Shivaji had the valiant support and extraordinary sacrifices of his courageous men, who put the command and the dream of their leader for establishment of HINDAVI SWARAJ (Hindu Kingdom) over and above everything else they cherished and that included their personal possessions and families and one such extraordinary warrior was the great Baji Prabhu Deshpanade, the one such brave heart who selflessly sacrificed his life to save life of his king Chattrapati Shivaji Mahārāj. Click here to read more.

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