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Brave Woman : Onake Obavva


Chitradurga Fort is renowned for its Kallina Kote / Ukinna kote / Yelu Suttina kote which were built in parts by the Palegar Veer Madakari Nayaka. It comprises a series of seven enclosure walls in Kannada. Eighteen ancient temples can be found inside the fort. The Fort of Chitradurga with seven circumambulations surrounds the seven hills of Chinmuladri range. Actually the construction of this fort started during 10th Century AD and completed in 18th Century AD during the rule of Palegars. According to an estimate the total length of the fort is about 8 Kms. This fort as 19 gateways, 28 postern gates, 35 secret entrances, 4 invisible entrances, 50 warehouses, apart from other monuments.

Madakari Nayaka ruled ChitradurgaHyder Ali, the ruler of Mysore wanted to besiege the fort of Chitradurga.  But many trails went vain and he was unable to occupy this fort. A chance sighting of a woman entering the Chitradurga fort through an opening in the rocks led to a clever plan by Hyder Ali to send his soldiers through the hole. Click here to read more.

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