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Shree Ganesh Chaturthi - a spiritual perspective


1. Introduction 

The destructive and Tama predominant yama frequencies reach the earth in a greater proportion during the 120 days from Āshādha Pournimā to Kārtik Pournima (approx. mid-June to mid-October). However, during a period of greater intensity (from Bhādrapad Shukla Chaturthī to Bhadrapad Shukla  Chaturdashī ). Shree Ganēsh frequencies also reach the earth in a larger proportion. These help reduce the intensity of the yama frequencies.

On the day of Shree Ganesh Chaturthi, as also during the days of Shree Ganesh festival, the Shree Ganesh principle is a 1000 times more active on earth. The worship of Shree Ganesh during this period bestows greater benefits. A new idol is brought and worshipped for Shree Ganesh Chaturthi.

2. The significance of Shree Ganesh

Shree Ganesh is the protector and master (Swami) of directions. After worshipping Him, He opens all the directions. Thus the Deity whose worship (pūjā) is being performed can arrive at the place of worship.

Shree Ganesh converts the language of sound (Nāda Bhaashaa) into the language of light (Prakaash Bhaashaa), so that prayers made by humans can be understood by Deities. Shree Ganesh is the remover of obstacles.

3. The various forms of Shree Ganesh *

3.1 Shree Ganesh functioning in a Saviour Form: While functioning in a saviour form, Shree Ganesh can be seen sitting on a wooden platform. At that time more than 50 percent active saviour energy is transmitted from his hand which is raised in blessing.

3.2 Shree Ganesh functioning in a Destroyer Form: While functioning in a destroyer form, Shree Ganesh is either riding a mouse or sometimes a tiger, a lion or a horse. He uses different weapons such as paash (noose), ankush (goad), Trishūl (trident) and bhaalaa (spear). He also uses different Divine weapons (astras). When in the Destroyer form, Shree Ganesh fights ferociously and He emanates destructive energy into the universe on a large scale.

3.3 Shree Ganesh functioning in both, the Saviour and Destroyer Form: Sometimes Shree Ganesh has to function in both, the Saviour and Destroyer forms, at the same time. At that time, Saviour energy is transmitted from the hand which is raised in blessing and from the hand that holds the weapon, a lot of destroyer energy is transmitted. The energy in His weapons is more than thirty percent active. At that time Shree Ganesh uses a paash (noose) and an ankush (goad).

3.4 Shree Ganesh in the Sage form: While worshipping Deity Shiva and Goddess Pārvatī, Shree Ganesh is seen dressed like a Sage.

3.5 Shree Ganesh sitting on a throne with Riddhi and Siddhi: Sometimes Shree Ganesh can be seen sitting on a throne, with Riddhi and Siddhi (principles of God and Shree Ganesh's wives), in a palace in the subtle spiritual plane of Maahaalok or Ganeshlok. At that time He performs all of the above mentioned functions at the same time, in the subtle, as required. Along with this, He mainly performs the function of guiding the devotees of Shree Ganesh, blessing them with knowledge and spiritual powers (Siddhi).

When Riddhi is on the left and Siddhi is on the right side of Shree Ganesh, at that time Shree Ganesh's sun channel (suryanādi) is active. While functioning in the Destroyer form, Shree Ganesh's Sun channel gets activated as per requirement.

When Riddhi is on the right side of Shree Ganesh and Siddhi is on left, Shree Ganesh's moon channel (Chandranādi) is active.

When Shree Ganesh is sitting on a wooden platform, his central channel (Sushumnānādī) is active on a large scale.

4. Shree Ganesh's vehicle (vahan)

Vru-vah means to carry and from this the word 'vaahan' is derived. From time to time, the vehicles of the Deities change according to their task. The mouse is Shree Ganesh's usual vehicle, but there are others too. Aa + vaahan = Aavaahan, meaning invoking a Deity. Deities come only when invoked (however, if a devotee is in danger, God rushes to help immediately, without being called). When a Deity is invoked, the vehicle to be used has to be in accordance with the task. For example in a war, a lion would be appropriate. Shree Ganesh in His Heramb form, has a lion as His vehicle, whereas Shree Ganesh in His Mayurēshwar form has a peacock as His vehicle.

5. Ganeshlok and qualities needed to get a place in Ganeshlok after death

In Ganeshlok (subtle plane of Shree Ganesh) there is a reddish light. The atmosphere there is rejuvenating which gives happiness to the mind.

Necessary qualities to get a place in Ganeshlok after death

Intense motivation for Liberation from the cycle of birth and death (Mumukshutva): It is necessary for a devotee of Shree Ganesh, to have intense desire for the God realisation. Then only he can do spiritual practice (sādhanā) as per Shree Ganesh's expectation in Ganeshlok.

One should have the capacity of imbibing spiritual purity (sāttviktā) and Divine Consciousness: To get maximum benefit of the spiritually pure (sāttvik) and Holy atmosphere, and of existence of Shree Ganesh, it is necessary for Shree Ganesh's devotees to have good capacity of imbibing spiritual purity and Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya)

Curiosity: Shree Ganesh gives guidance from time to time to those devotees who have intense desire that 'what should I do to perform good spiritual practice' and curiosity about spiritual practice and spirituality.

Intense desire: Shree Ganesh gives timely and necessary guidance and Divine knowledge through language of Light and Sound. To imbibe this Divine knowledge there should be a good capacity of a devotee to imbibe Divine knowledge. If a devotee has an intense desire then only he will gain Divine knowledge.

6. The importance of drawing rangolī on the occasion of Shree Ganesh Chaturthi*

While doing any ritualistic worship, a finely ground sand powder (rangoli) should be laid out in a spiritually pure shape on wooden platform or around the table to be used for worship. The frequencies being emanated or transmitted from this shape form a protective shield around the wooden platform or the wooden table.

Earth frequencies get attracted towards the frequencies being transmitted from the rangoli and they get tied there. Thus from the rangoli, spiritually pure frequencies are transmitted towards the embodied soul (jīva) as required. Also these frequencies form a subtle cover on the earth which protects the embodied soul from the black energy being transmitted from the nether region (Pātāl) or from the negative energy in the house.

Based on the various shapes of the rangoli, specific Deities frequencies emanate from it and because of these Divine frequencies, negative energies are afraid of rangoli. Hence on any auspicious ritual to be protected from the trouble from negative energies, a rangoli is drawn in front of the door or in the front of the place of worship or on the wooden platform to be used for the worship.

After drawing the rangoli, turmeric (haldī) and vermillion (kumkum) is offered at the center point of the rangoli. This is because the Divine frequencies of the higher Deities in the universe, are attracted easily towards the colour particles, related to radiance principle, being transmitted from the haldi-kumkum. This also increases the motion, efficiency and effectiveness of the frequencies transmitted from the rangoli.

6.1 Rangolis that increase spiritual purity 

Rangolis that are made up of minimum lines and of straight and rounded lines are spiritually pure. Because the frequencies transmitted by rounded lines have more unmanifest (nirgun) principle in it and as these lines are flowing more, the efficiency and effectiveness of their spiritual purity in the atmosphere is more.

Pictures of rangolis which attract the Saviour (tārak) form of the Shree Ganesh principle 

6.2 Rangolis that decrease the effect of negative energies

Rangolis including drawings of Deity's weapons, slanted lines and squares or triangles have the capacity to transmit more destroying frequencies. Because of these frequencies, a friction takes place between the spiritually impure component (Raja and Tama) particles in the atmosphere and it reduces the spiritually impure  particles along with the associated black energy.

Pictures of rangolis which attract the Destroyer (mārak) form of the Shree Ganesh principle

7. Spiritual experiences of seekers related to Shree Ganesh

When chanted by looking at a picture of Shree Ganesh, noticed energy, Divine Consciousness and radiance being transmitted from his hand which is raised in blessing

When I chant I keep Shree Ganesh's picture in front of my eyes. To be able to focus on chanting, I chant looking at different parts of Shree Ganesh's body and his different weapons. At that time I notice energy, Divine consciousness and radiance being transmitted from His hand which is raised in blessing. By looking at that radiant hand my breathing happens in a rhythm and I feel very light. Sometimes while looking at the picture of Shree Ganapati I go into a meditative state. - A Seeker 

The Shree Ganesh idol which was not looking good appeared beautiful after performing the ritual of 'breathing life' (invoking Shree Ganesh i.e. prānapratishthā) into the idol of Shree Ganesh

On the occasion of Shree Ganesh Chaturthi a sculptor (Mr. Rasal) who lives near our home, had made 25 Shree Ganesh idols as described in the scriptures. When I went to him to get the Shree Ganesh idol, I came to know that many seekers have already taken their Shree Ganesh idols and there were only two idols left. I noticed that the final touch up of those idols was not done properly. Hence I and my family members were feeling like not taking one of those idols. But as we wanted an idol which is made as per the scriptures, we took one of those idols. On the day of Shree Ganesh Chaturthi after invoking Shree Ganesh, the murti (idol) was appearing full of Divine consciousness and was appearing very beautiful. - A Seeker

Experiencing several obstacles in a lecture arranged during Shree Ganesh festival; seekers overcame the obstacles by Shree Ganesh's chant

On 21.9.2004, a lecture was arranged at Yeragadda, Hyderabad, India by Lakshmi Nivas Ganeshotsav mandal. The subject of the lecture was 'Science of Worshipping Shree Ganesh.' The seeker who was going to conduct the lecture fell sick just two hours before the lecture. Also the supply of electricity was discontinued at the beginning of the lecture. At that time, all the seekers present chanted 'Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha.' After chanting, within a few moments, the supply of electricity was started and after that the lecture was conducted without any obstacles. - A Seeker

* Based on Divine knowledge received by some seekers doing sadhana per Gurukrupāyoga.

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