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Ornaments worn by Hindu Women on the waist - Significance of Karadhani

According to the Hindu culture, like all other ornaments, spiritual science explains the importance of wearing ornaments on the waist too.

A kamarbandha or katisūtra is made of gold or silver. This ornament is also known as kamarkas, katisutra, katibandha or kasabandha. According to its formation, there are various types of this ornament. Various designs are engraved on it.

Importance of wearing a kamarbandha or katisutra

Wearing a katisutra assists in maintaining the dignity, modesty and purity of the woman.

  • Due to the katisutra, stimulation of desire is restrained. Due to the katisutra, the Manipur-chakra remains in an awakened state. This affects the Swādishthān-chakra and a restraint is created on its stimulation. As a result, the woman is protected from conduct arising out of self-will.

  • Due to the katisutra, the Divine Energy principle (Shakti-tattva) remains in an awakened state. The waves of Energy of Will (Ichhā-shakti) remain concentrated in the katisutra. Due to the touch of these waves, the Raja component in the woman’s body functions in a balanced manner. As a result, the Divine Energy principle in the woman’s body remains in an awakened state.

  • Due to the supply of Chaitanya to the seven chakras, there is a constant flow of waves of Chaitanya in the body. The gold in the katisutra has the ability to absorb the Chaitanya present in the Universe. The katisutra also emits Chaitanya.

Due to the touch of the katisutra to the waist, and the friction caused by body movement, a protective sheath of Chaitanya is created up to a distance of one foot around the waist. Click here to read more.

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