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What do the two strings of black beads in the mangalsutra represent?

As per Hindu Dharmamangalsūtra is an ornament of a woman denoting her marital status. Each person makes a mangalsutra for the bride as per his capacity. If it is not possible to make a mangalsutra with a cord of gold or silver, they make it by stringing black beads in a thread.

Importance of Mangalsutra

  • Due to the mangalsutra the woman remains conscious of Dharma, duty and rules. Wearing mangalsutra is an important conduct for a married woman. This is called code of Righteousness for women. Due to this the woman does not indulge in wanton behaviour and her conduct remains ideal.

  • Due to the mangalsutra the woman and others are conscious of her marital status. Mangalsutra is a marital bondage. Its main objective is that the woman should remember this sacred bondage and there should not be any immoral behaviour on her part. That others should also be conscious that the woman wearing a mangalsutra is a married woman and she should be respected properly is also the objective behind it.

  • Due to the mangalsutra the consciousness of the husband in the form of Deity Shiva remains constantly awakened in the woman.

  • Mangalsutra is symbolic of Deity Shiva and Deity Shakti. In this, gold is in the form of Deity Shakti and the structure of stringed black beads is in the form of Deity Shiva.

  • Mangalsutra is an ornament that attracts Divine Principle in highest proportion. In a mangalsutra both the cups are hollow from one side and are raised from the other. The mangalsutra is worn facing the hollow side towards the body. The Divine Principle is attracted in the voids of the cups in higher proportion than in any other ornaments.

  • Through the mangalsutra the woman gains Energy of Desire, Action and Knowledge. The mangalsutra is a link that provides Deity Shakti in the form of the Absolute Fire Element (Tēj) to the woman to actually perform a task.

two strings of black beads in the mangalsutra

In the left part of the mangalsutra there is flow of Energy of Desire, in the central part of Energy of Action and in the right part of Energy of Knowledge.

From the mangalsutra the Desire, Action and Knowledge Energies are also emitted.

With the help of the Desire, Action and Knowledge energies, it becomes easy for a woman to proceed towards Nirgun Principle.

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