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Why in 'aukshan' (on Hindu Birthdays), the platter with lit lamp waved in a circle

A. The spiritual meaning of Aukshan:Aukshan, the ritual of waving lit lamp means, welcoming of the Divine frequencies brought on the earth with the help of the lit lamp, and surrendering to those frequencies at the same moment.

B. The Importance of the ritual of waving a lit lamp (aukshan) on the day of a person's Hindu birthday

  • Development of an armour: While waving the lit lamp around the embodied soul the frequencies projected and imbibed by the soul, create an active armour around the body of the embodied soul.

  • Assists in blessing of the Deity: The spiritual emotion thus awakened, brings about the activation of the Divine frequencies, and the embodied soul is blessed by the Deity. When the ritual is being performed on the embodied soul, the prayer made for one’s spiritual progress with a complete attitude of surrender, helps the jīva in availing the Deities blessings to the maximum. –A Scholar ( Through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 27.1.2005, 12.29 pm)

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