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Importance of spiritual practice for spreading Dharma (Dharmaprasar)


1. A humble request to Hindu activists

Include spiritual practice to work for Hindu Dharma more effectively!
In society there are many people working to promote Hinduism. They are making many efforts to preserve Hinduism and to stop the denigration of Hindu Deities. Whenever we work for Righteousness (Dharma) or for any good mission, it is important to have God's blessings. Only with this Divine support we can succeed. Or if the time is unfavourable and we are not able to achieve success, our faith in Hindu Dharma will remain intact due to this support. The following points are shared, so as to emphasise the importance of getting God's blessings by doing spiritual practice:

2. Ethics without God’s blessings are not effective

Working for Righteousness (Dharma) while being ethical alone does not ensure success. The reason for this is that in this terrible period of Kaliyug evil tendencies and negative energies have peaked. To be able sustain the work for Righteousness, it is important to have the blessings of God as well as the grace of the Guru. Only God and Saints or the Guru can protect us in such difficult times. We have to do appropriate spiritual practice to increase our spiritual capacity and to get the grace of God. (Guidance on the appropriate spiritual practice for these times is given by FHA.)

3. Following righteousness, besides promoting it, increases inner purity and strength

Hinduttva (Hindu principles) imbibed should not be at an emotional level, but deep rooted in the attitude by consistently following Righteousness (Dharma) ourselves. This deep-rooted Hinduttva is powerful, because Righteous conduct (according to Dharma principles) brings God’s blessings. Such spiritual practice increases the purity within and develops inner strength. With this strength alone, we can face difficult times and God protects us from unrighteousness.

4. With the grace of God, the impossible becomes possible

With the grace of God, the impossible becomes possible. This is because God has unlimited energy. If we worship Him with devotion, He responds to our call and guides our work for Hinduism to completion. It happens much better than expected and our devotion towards God increases further. By involving us in His work for Dharma, while in reality He gets it done, He bestows His grace upon us. In this way, if we act for the preservation of Righteousness (Dharma) while surrendering all our actions unto God, the work will be more expansive.

5. The real aim is not only preserving Righteousness, but through that also attaining God’s grace

To promote Righteousness (Dharma), greater spiritual capacity is required. Since Saints have such capacity, they can do great work through their resolve and presence alone. How much energy do mere mortals have and what can really be done with that? So if we work with the blessings of Saints and as per their guidance, then the doership of our actions does not remain with us, the work is successful and God graces us as well. For this, rather than working at an emotional level, work should be done with proper thought and with energy, that is, work should be done as spiritual practice.

6. The importance of God’s blessings and Saints’ grace

Let us look at some incidents in the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, a great Hindu ruler in 17th century Bharat (India).

A. When a meeting at Fort Pratapgarh, between Afzal Khan and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was scheduled, Samarth Ramdas Swami (his Guru) did Rudrabhishek (consecration of Shiva through ritualistic offering unto the Shiv linga with water, milk, etc.) at Mahabaleshwar for 2 months. This is what protected Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj while his enemies were destroyed. It can be seen from this incident that spiritual strength and support are necessary alongwith having battle strategy and skills.

B. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj escaped unharmed from Aurangzeb's imprisonment, as the former had the blessings of 2 Saints, he himself was an ardent follower of Righteousness (Dharma), and performed devoted spiritual practice.

C. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj fought and defeated the huge Mughal army and could establish Hindavi Swarājya (a Hindu kingdom) only because of the blessings of Saints and the radiance of Righteousness generated within him, due to his own spiritual practice.

One can understand from this that to fight with unrighteousness only physical and mental power or faith in the work undertaken is not enough; to be successful, spiritual capacity is essential.

It is a humble request to contemplate on this article, start spiritual practice promptly, increase your spiritual capacity and expand the work of Righteousness (Dharma) with vigour.

May all Dharmabhimanis receive energy and get the sāttvik intellect to do spiritual practice. This is my prayer at the feet of God and H. H. Dr. Jayant Athavale.

- Mrs. Rajashri Khollam, Jyeshtha Krushna Ekadashi, Kaliyug Year 5112 (27 June, 2010)

Uniqueness of Hindu Dharma and the importance of spiritual practice

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