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Frequently asked questions on Shraadha ritual

  1. I would like to know that regarding shrāadha as it is only done by offering food to Brāhman  in temple and giving dakshinā, the Brahman does a short prayer nothing is done as per the actual ritual. Then what should be done? Does the prayer reach our pitras, please clarify
  2. What is the exact significance of child death as per Sanatan Dharma? What happens to soul when dies as child. Will it take same journey as "Pitrus"? or any other gati? Is the reply yes? i.e. it is the same as other ancestors?
  3. Please tell the procedure to be followed when the birthday falls within a period of 1 year of demise of once parents or grand parents or other near ones (whose karmas need to be done)
  4. Is it necessary/mandatory to perform Ekadrishti Shraadha every year after duly performing Gaya Shraadha of my Father?
  5. At what age can ātma shraadha be performed?
  6. A Jivatpitruk is not allowed to perform Pitrutarpana, therefore, I want to know the difference between 'Tarpan' & 'Pitru Tarpan' as both types are done for ancestors’ souls (pitar) and on which ocassions it is performed? My father is alive and I am the eldest son. Can I do the 'Tarpan' for my grandfather and where should I do it?
  7. As per the article on 'Problems due to ancestor's soul', 'having all female progeny' is a 'problem' in life. Is it valid in today's world when the birth rate of female is lesser than male? If single genger progeny is a problem, then 'all male progeny' should also be mentioned as a problem.
  8. The priests performing the shraadha rituals are sometimes illiterate and have poor pronunciation of Sanskrit language. I had a shraadha ceremony performed at the banks of mother Ganga and was not satisfied by what the priest was chanting. I wonder if the Pitars are pleased and satisfied?
  9. I use sesame seeds and water for tarpana ritual and offer the oblations into a pot. I have observed that seeds have started to germinate. I have heard that seeds should not germinate. If so, what should I do with the germinated seeds? What is the best way to dispose the seeds and water?
  10. Please guide wheather shraadha in Gaya is performed once in a life of a person or it can be done any number of times?
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