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O Hindus ! Hail ‘Shastrameva Jayate’ and end your life of anonymity!

Today Kouravs are ruling the country and Hindus are living an anonymous life. Crossing the border is an important tradition of Dushehrā. The enemy countries are crossing the borders of Kashmir, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and the helpless Hindus are vacating every house in every village for the enemy. Indulging in scams after scams, the rulers are looting real ‘gold’ from the national treasury, and the gullible Hindus are under the illusion of having looted ‘gold’ when they exchange Apta leaves (on Dussehra). Weapon-wielding anti-Hindus are attacking Hindus and thus worshipping weapons in true sense, and the unarmed Hindus are engrossed in chanting the name of Gandhi.
   Fanatics are battering Hindus in riots everywhere and are celebrating Vijayā Dashmī. Hindus who have given up the path of Dharma and are completely battered are childishly worshipping Deity Aparajita, who is known for bestowing invincibility.
     O Hindus ! At a time when our very existence is in danger due to the demoniacal victories of the enemies, do not indulge in rituals of Karmakānda such as crossing the border and worshipping weapons and Deity Aparajita.
     O Hindus ! Remember, now the time has come to end the hard life as in the forest that began 1300 years ago, that is, from the time the first Jihadi of the world Muhammad bin Qasim attacked Bharat in the year 712 and to end the life of anonymity that began after Independence.   
    The Gita says, ‘Victory will be on the side of one who has Yogeshwar Krushna’. Hence, O Hindus ! Be devotees of Shrīkrushna like the brave Arjun ! Arjun not only took out the weapons from the Shami tree on the day of Dussehra, but he vanquished the great warriors of Kouravas with valour and worshipped their weapons in the true sense !

     By celebrating Vijayadashmi in this manner, this Hindu warrior crossed the borders of the kingdom of Kouravas and thus ended his life of anonymity. O Hindus ! Hail Shastrameva Jayate’ on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami, exhibit your bravery and end your life of anonymity. Remember - Veer Bhogya Vasundhara| (Those who are brave can only rule the earth !)

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