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A few centuries ago,during the times of Saint Rāmdās Swami, there lived a poor Brāhman (Hindu priest) along with his wife, in a small village called Amravati in India. Both, the Brahman and his wife were devotees of Saint Ramdas Swami. As was the normal custom with priests of those days, the Brahman made his living by going around, asking for alms. He and his wife were content with whatever food, money, etc., he got by doing so. They both lived happily and spent all their time chanting (repeating) God's Name. Even though they were poor, they always welcomed any visitors and offered them whatever they had.

One day the Brahman, while begging for alms, was not offered anything until the afternoon, so he continued going around the village for alms until the evening. That same day, Saint Ramdas Swami visited their home. The Brahman's wife joyously welcomed the great Saint and paid obeisance at His feet. Knowing that there were no groceries or vegetables to cook anything, she was worried about what food she could offer to the Swami. Just then, she remembered about the zucchini plant in the backyard. She went to the backyard, collected all the zucchinis and made a curry. She offered the Saint only the curry, as there was no rice or chapāti (Bharatiya bread) to go with it.

Saint Ramdas Swami was happy with their efforts and gave a blessing, saying that they would soon overcome poverty. He also gave guidance to the Brahman's wife on how to increase her spiritual practice.

While leaving, the Saint inquired about the zucchini plant in the backyard. He then cut the zucchini plant and left. In the evening the Brahman returned home with nothing. However, the Brahman's wife was very happy, as the Saint had visited them. She then narrated the whole incident to her husband. While narrating, all of a sudden, she got worried about the plant, as it was the only means for them to survive in times when there were no alms. However, the Brahman consoled her, "Have faith in the Swami's words and in God. Do not worry".

Then the two went into the backyard to clean up the cut plant so that they could plant another one. While they were digging out the root of the old zucchini plant, they were surprised to find a pot with treasure, buried there! The two were grateful and went to Saint Ramdas Swami to pay their obeisance and narrated the incident to Him.

Moral: This story shows the faith and love for God that the poor couple had. They offered everything they had to the Saint. We too, can build that kind of faith and love for God by gradually offering more and more of ourselves to God. This can be done by daily offering our mind (by chanting), intellect (by studying about God through stories of Saints like this one, etc.), and wealth (by saving some allowance regularly, to offer it when visiting a Holy place or a Saint.)

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