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The Name of God is mightier than God Himself

Once, after Shrīram returned to his kingdom from exile, a group of Sages started arguing about the superiority of God's Name over God Himself. Many opinions were given, yet they were not able to come to any conclusion, so they approached Sage Nārad. Sage Narad requested a few days' time to give an answer to this question.
Sage Narad thought it best to seek Deity Hanumān's help in solving the problem. He then approached Deity Hanuman and requested Him to assist in the task, Deity Hanuman agreed. Sage Narad told Deity Hanuman, "Make some mischief that will enrage Shriram's Guru so much that He will order Shriram to punish You. Then leave the rest to me."

Deity Hanuman at once started working on this task. As expected, Shriram's Guru became very angry at Deity Hanuman and told Shriram, "Tomorrow morning You must punish Deity Hanuman for the wrong that He has done. In front of the Sages and all the town people, you will aim your powerful arrows at Him so that all will witness and learn a lesson about what happens when one annoys the Guru." Shriram was surprised at His devoted servitor, Deity Hanuman's behaviour. But He had complete obedience unto His Guru, so He accepted the Guru's instruction and went back to His palace with a heavy heart. In the meantime, Sage Narad told Deity Hanuman to chant Shriram's Name when Shriram aimed the arrow at Him.

The next day dawned and all the Sages and town people gathered next to the river to witness the punishment that would be given to Deity Hanuman. Shriram, with a very heavy heart, aimed at Deity Hanuman and let go His first arrow. The arrow headed straight for Deity Hanuman, but changed direction at the last moment and fell to the ground without touching Him. Deity Hanuman was standing with His eyes closed, deeply chanting Shriram's Name. All the arrows that Shriram aimed at Deity Hanuman missed Him and went in different directions.
When all arrows were over, Shriram looked at His Guru, Who then asked Shriram to order the Divine weapon (Brahmāstra) that would not miss Its target. At that point, Sage Narad interrupted and convinced the Guru, "O great Sage, You are great among the Gurus. By forgiving Deity Hanuman You could give the best example of a loving and compassionate Guru." The Guru listened to Sage Narad's advice and forgave Deity Hanuman.

When the incident was over, Sage Narad approached all the Sages gathered at the river. They had got their answer through this incident and unanimously agreed on the power of God's Name.

Moral: The story highlights the importance of God's Name. Chanting (repeating) the all-powerful Name of God according to one's religion is a sure way to protect oneself from all the obstacles and troubles in one's life.

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