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Beth's secret of happiness

Ana was a young girl born into a rich family. She had a luxurious life and always got all that she wished for, but still was dissatisfied and craved for more. Ana had a classmate called Beth, a kind-hearted and happy girl, who always did well in school.

One evening, on the way back from her dance class, Ana stopped at a shop to get some candy. She was surprised to see her friend Beth across the counter, working as the store cashier. As it was closing time for the shop and darkness was setting in, Ana offered Beth a ride back home. On the way, Ana got to know more about Beth's life. It seemed that there were many difficulties Beth had to face every day. She had to work after school to support her family. She could not even dream of the kind of clothes, cars and things that Ana took for granted.

Ana was puzzled as to how Beth could possibly be happy, being in such a situation. She also realized that though she had everything she could dream of, she always wanted more and was often unhappy. So she asked Beth, "Even with so many problems, how do you manage to do well in school and be so happy all the time?" Beth's eyes brightened, as she told Ana 'the secret of her happiness', "I too, used to feel unhappy, when I would compare my life with that of others. Then, someone told me that if I built faith in God that whatever He is doing is for my best, I would never be unhappy again. I was told that the easiest way to build this faith is to chant (repeat) God's Name. I was told that if I chanted with faith, God would always be there for me. Since then I have been chanting daily and it has been my experience that every time I call out to God, He is there for me. Chanting has brought me very close to God and helped me develop the faith that God is always doing the best for me. Thus, I no longer feel unhappy as I used to feel earlier, and in fact, feel the happiest that one can be."

Moral: Real happiness comes when we develop faith like Beth's, that God knows and gives what is best for us. If we too want to be happy like Beth, rather than being unhappy and thinking of what we do not have, daily chanting (repeating God's Name as per one's religion) is a sure way to do so.

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