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God, the true guardian

The night was dark and cloudy. Strange howls and eerie noises could be heard in the distance. Every rustle in the bushes was scary. All alone, a weary traveler was crossing a thick forest.

“Keep moving as quickly as you can,” he had been warned. “Be on your guard every second. Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep, because the forest is full of man-eaters who will be out to get your blood.”

The man was near the point of utter exhaustion. He felt he could not take a step further. He sank to the ground and prayed, “God, I cannot keep awake any longer. You are awake all the time. I fully trust and surrender myself in Your hands. Please guard me while I am asleep.”

So saying, he fell into a deep slumber.

When he awoke, daylight was bright around him. It was long past dawn and he saw a man standing guard next to him, armed with a gun.

“Who are you, sir?” asked the traveler in surprise. “How is it that you are here in this hidden corner of the forest, guarding the clearing where I slept?”

“I was passing through the forest late last night, when I ran across you, sleeping soundly,” the stranger replied. “It seemed to me that you were perhaps unaware of the danger of this place. So I decided to wait here and keep watch while you slept.”

“Thank You, O God!” exclaimed the traveler, with tears of gratitude streaming down his cheeks.

Moral: Faith in God protects one even in seemingly hopeless situations. Continuous remembrance of God by repeating His Name is a sure way to build such faith.

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