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God protects all who call out with faith

Summer holidays had just begun and Neena and Leena, the 10-year-old friends met one evening at Leena’s house to plan their holidays. Leena’s house was a few blocks away from Neena’s. In all their excitement and chatter they lost track of time. On looking at her watch Neena realized that it was already 7 pm. Leaving immediately for home, she decided to take a shorter route than the usual road. Though she saw that the lane was very lonely and deserted, afraid of being scolded by her parents, she decided to take the risk of going this shorter way.

After walking for a while in the darkness, Neena saw a man standing near a huge tree ahead. Somehow the appearance of this man was not pleasing and was like a thief’s. Now Neena was in a fix, not knowing what to do, as she would have to cross him, and there was no question of turning back and taking the usual road. Helpless, she remembered what was taught at school that God always helps the one who calls Him with faith. With total faith she started chanting (repeating) the Name of God in her mind and continued walking. Soon, she went past the heavily built man, who looked at her, but turned his face to the other side.

After she reached the house, she forgot about this incident. The next morning, the local TV news channel flashed the news that there had been a robbery in her locality the previous night, around 7.30 pm. They showed the victim, a girl, about Neena’s age, who was robbed and badly beaten up by the robber. Neena was surprised to note the place where the robbery took place, as it was the same lane that she had taken last evening. Hurriedly, she requested her mother to take her to the police station, so she could identify this robber.

Upon reaching the police station, Neena, from behind a one-way mirror, was able to identify the robber correctly from a line-up of persons accused for this crime. Upon being identified, the robber confessed his crime and was arrested.

Neena was surprised that the robber did not rob her, even though she was alone. She asked the police if she could ask him a question. Along with her mother and the police officer she went to his prison cell and asked, “Yesterday I was in the same lane, where you later robbed the other girl, then why didn’t you rob me?”

The robber replied, “Yes, I remember you! How could I rob you when two guards were walking on either side of you?” The police officer and Neena’s mother were surprised by this answer and looked at her for clarification. But Neena understood that it was God, Who had protected her, as she was intensely calling out His Name.

Moral: No one can harm the one who chants with faith. To develop chanting with faith and acquire Divine protection, one should chant as much as possible, daily.

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