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It was a classroom in one of the schools in Kolhapur (a city in Maharashtra, India). The teacher had given the students some Math problems to solve. After some time, he heard a murmur among the students. They were grumbling, because some of the problems were based on the chapters that had not been covered in the class yet. So, the students were unable to solve them.

The teacher, too, realised his mistake. But, he saw Gopal, one of the bright boys in the class, quietly writing on his notepad. He went closer and saw that Gopal had correctly solved all the problems. "Oh, you have solved all the problems correctly before they were taught to you! Well done, Gopal," the teacher said. Gopal stood up and humbly said, "Sir, I could solve these problems, because one of my cousins had taught them to me. Otherwise, I could not have done them by myself. So I do not deserve the credit for solving these problems." The teacher was very pleased with Gopal's truthful attitude.

Gopal had refused to accept any credit or praise, which was not due to him. He was none other than Gopalkrushna Gokhale, the great social reformer, whom Mahatma Gandhi respected as one of his 'Gurus'. Mr. Gokhale founded the “Servants of India” Society, which is well known today for its valuable service to the poor.

Moral: Many times, we too are faced with situations, where there is a temptation to take credit not due to us. With regular spiritual practice, we get the strength to overcome such temptation and always be truthful.

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