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The glory of God’s Name

Sage Vyās is the author of a Hindu Holy text, Mahābhārat. The following incident happened after He completed writing the Mahabhaat.

Sage Nārad and Sage Vyas were devotees of Shrī Nārāyana and always sang the praises of Shri Narayana. Once, Sage Narad visited Sage Vyas and found him looking very sad. Sage Vyas welcomed Sage Narad. Sage Narad smiled at Sage Vyas and said, ''You must be very happy after completing the great Mahabhaat. This Holy text will be very useful for every human being.”

Sage Vyas sat silently, without uttering a single word. Sage Narad spoke again, “Are you worried about something?”

Sage Vyas replied, “Yes. O, great Sage, you are the only person who can clarify my doubt.” He continued, “I thought that writing this Holy text would give me happiness, but instead I am not still happy. Why I am not feeling happy?”

Sage Narad said, “You have written the Holy text Mahabhaat well, and I am sure people will be able to understand it easily,  but you have forgotten something while writing the Holy text, that is why you are still not happy.“ He added further, “While writing it, you were only thinking about the various characters in it, you forgot about God, that is chanting His Name. When doing any activity, if one chants God’s Name, then one feels happy during and after completing that activity. Repeat His name once and tell me how you feel.''

Sage Vyas immediately followed the given guidance. He repeated Shri Narayana’s name once with intense faith and his unhappiness was gone. He felt happy and satisfied. From that day onwards, He started chanting Shri Narayana’s name continuously.

Moral: The above story shows that even writing a great Holy text like the Mahabhaat, which is read by millions of people till today, cannot bring us the kind of happiness and peace that one can get by simply repeating (chanting) God’s Name. To experience this happiness, we, too, can follow Sage Vyas's example in immediately practicing whatever we have learned. Thus, we can start chanting right away and do so daily.

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