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Why is a specific flower offered to a Deity?

specific flower offered to a Deity

Normally we have a concept that offering flowers to Gods and Goddesses is based on what he/she likes. But is it really so? Let us see the actual reason according to science of spirituality.

A flower has a particular colour and a special fragrance. On a subtle level the colour and fragrance particles present in the flower have a capacity to attract the principles of a specific Deity which benefits the worshipper. That is the principle behind offering specific flowers to a Deity and not because they like it.

To cite some examples of flowers and God, white flower like that of Dhatura is offered to Deity Shiva, red cloured flower like Hibiscus for Shree Ganēsh, and red coloured flowers for Shrī Durgādēvī also. If the worshipper has more spiritual emotion for these flowers then the frequencies of Deities get more activated through the medium of these flowers and work for the worshipper directly. Click here to read more.

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