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Battle of good versus evil

The subtle battle of good versus evil has been waged periodically since the earliest times. It is once again being fought in the subtle world during the years 1999 – 2006. After the intensity of subtle battle is reduced in 2006, a gross battle on Earth will ensue. Thereafter, the world will undergo a period of flux recovering from the battle on Earth and preparing for a new era. This new era will be known as the Divine Kingdom and with it humanity will see a thousand years of peace and Righteousness. The times we live in are very significant as the ramifications of this battle will be felt by the entire Universe. However the current times are also highly conducive for spiritual practice to attain God-realisation (the highest spiritual state).

Abstract - The battle of good versus evil

1. The definition of good and evil

2. Where did good and evil come from?

3. What is the mission of good and evil?

4. The balance between good and evil

5. Where is the battle between good and evil fought?

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