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Spontaneous combustion and burns created by higher level negative energies

If one types the keywords ‘spontaneous human combustion’ in a search engine on the Internet, one will find there has been much interest in how this phenomenon happens. There have been a number of theories floated around about it. While scientists have been sceptical about the phenomenon, there has been no foolproof rational explanation for it.

At SSRF too we have had a number of situations wherein Deities' and/or Saints' pictures have spontaneously gone up in flames and seekers have woken up to find their bed linen in flames or they have found unexplained burns on their clothes and other items. In the case of SSRF, too many independent cases of the same type have been reported  from geographically separate regions to dismiss this as mere coincidence. Click below to read more

  1. Introduction to Spontaneous Combustion / Burns experienced at SSRF
  2. Reasons why spontaneous combustion or burns occur
  3. How do higher level ghosts create spontaneous combustion or burns

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