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Kashmir Shaivism : Deity Shiva and Deity Shakti inseperable?

In the period when the Shaiva Saints and scholars from South India were advocating the Shaiva philosophy and were preaching the doctrines from the darshan, a centre for worship of Deity Shiva was established in Kashmir in India. The tradition of this Kashmiri Shaiva sect’ was based on the philosophy of non-duality. According to the Shivasutras this darshan came to be known as Pratyabhidnyadarshan, ‘Sanvittantra’, ‘Spandashastra’, Shambhavadvaitdarshan or Trimakdarshan. Around the year 854 Kallatacharya wrote a book named Spandakarika’. This text has three chapters known as Nishpanda and fifty-two stanzas in all. Click here to read more.

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