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When is an incarnation known as absolute incarnation?

Creation, sustenance and dissolution are the inherent qualities of Nature. Deity Brahmā, Shrīvishnu and Deity Mahēsh respectively are considered to be the originators of these qualities. The responsibility of nurturing creation lies with Shrivishnu. Hence when there are disturbances in creation, the process of destruction is enhanced and there is a disruption of Righteousness (Dharma) in human society. At that time He stops the destruction, re-establishes Righteousness and leads man onto the path of Righteousness. To fulfil this mission  Shrivishnu incarnates in every yug (era).

By Nature’s law an embodied soul should assume its body from its parents. In accordance with this law The Supreme God too chooses people who have the virtues of kindness, sacrifice, penance, etc. as parents to assume an incarnation.’(1)

‘Effort is not required to grow wild plants unlike the process of grafting an hybrid. Just as a farmer ploughs the land before sowing seeds so also after deciding where to take birth The God appears to inspire the chosen couple to perform some austerity. To cite examples from Holy texts, before the birth of Shrīrām, Dasharath His father, performed a sacrificial fire to acquire a son (putrakameshti yadnya), before Deity Hanumān’s birth His mother Anjani too undertook severe austerities. Similarly the biographies of various great Saints like Markandeya, Ramavallabhdas, Purandardas, Morya Gosavi, Chidambar Dikshit, Basaveshvar, etc. also quote that Their parents had undertaken austerities before giving birth to Them.

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