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Why does law of Karma not apply to absolute incarnation?

The God incarnates to restore deteriorated Righteousness (Dharma). His internal or external opulence serves only people, not Himself; hence incarnations are eternally liberated and the state of further exaltation of the embodied soul is absent in them. Therefore their independence and Liberation are eternal.

The law of karma is not applicable to an absolute incarnation due to the following reasons.

  • An action without a motive is called a non-action (akarma karma) or an act (kriyā) which occurs according to the principle of reflex action.

  • Some rules are not applicable to the one who frames them. For instance the rule ‘No admission without permission’ is not applicable for the one who has put up such a notice. Similarly rules such as the result of an action, etc. are not applicable to The God who Himself has framed them.

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