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Why is active Divine Energy on Ashtami equivalent to an odd date (tithi)?

Even dates are associated with Shiva (Brāhman) while odd ones are associated with Divine Energy (Shakti) [the Great Illusion (Māyā)]. That is why on odd dates Divine Energy is twice as active as on even dates.

Chaturthī (fourth day) and Dashamī (tenth day) of the Hindu lunar fortnight, Divine Energy is more active. On ChaturthiAshtamī (eighth day), Dashami and Pournimā (full moon day) the 360 and 108 frequencies form a specific angle; hence frequencies of Deities reach the earth in greater amounts. Ashtami is one such date when the active Divine Energy is equivalent to that on an odd date. This is a special feature of Ashtami. Though Shrīkrushna, an incarnation of The God was born on Ashtami the Divine Energy in Him was completely manifest. [On Ashtami in Maharashtra the female Deity manifests in some ladies and they perform the ritual of ghāgar phunkanē (blowing pots)]. The fact that Divine Energy is more active on odd dates will be clear from the following two illustrations.

  • During the festival of Navarātri a seeker used to light a lamp at night. The lamp would get extinguished when the oil was exhausted around 1 to 1.30 in the morning. One year, the lamp would continue to burn till dawn on alternate days. The nights on which it burnt longer were odd dates (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9). Among the even dates the lamp burnt throughout the night only on Ashtami.

  • At another seeker’s house for almost a fortnight, on odd dates and on Ashtami the strong fragrance of vermilion (kumkum) emanated from the entire house. On even dates there was no fragrance at all.

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