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FHA: the year 2009 at a glance

By the grace of the Guru, Forum for Hindu Awakening's (FHA's) website (www.ForumforHinduAwakening.org) was inaugurated on Makar Sankranti Kaliyug Varsh 5110 (13 January 2009). This Makar Sankranti Kaliyug Varsh 5111 (14 January 2010) marks its first anniversary (vardhaapan din). Here is a glance at the year, marked by the activities and successes of FHA in promoting the understanding, living and preserving of Hinduism.

The website went live on Rang Panchami Kaliyug Varsh 5110 (14 March 2009). Since then, the content and visits on the site have been steadily increasing. In the 9 months since then, over 18,000 people from 127 countries have visited the site, while the site was viewed by them over 132,000 times. The website now has over 100 comprehensive, visual articles on understanding, awakening to, living and preserving Hinduism.

The first USA wide Hinduism Summit (Dharma Sabha) held by FHA in the Durga Mandir near Washington DC on Kamika Ekadashi 5111 (18 July 2009) marked a rise in the visits to the FHA website in 1000s, as FHA started gaining recognition as a platform to bring together Hindus internationally for the cause of Hinduism. The unique feature of the Dharma Sabha was its live webcast available on the FHA website for visitors worldwide to participate in. Thus, the Dharma Sabha was attended by about 100 people in person and at least around 300 people online. Given the positive response from the attendees, this was followed by successful Dharma Sabhas held jointly with Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (www.HinduJagruti.org) in London, UK and in NJ USA in Ashwin 5111 (October 2009). The video recording of the Dharma Sabhas is available on the FHA website for posterity.

To further nurture the interest of the FHA site visitors and Dharma Sabha attendees, phone conference weekly children's and bi-weekly adults' Dharma education satsangs were commenced. These are public, free-of-charge events, available for registering on the FHA website. These satsangs have gained popularity due to the unique content that encourages the attendee to understand, live and preserve Hinduism, and the fact that they are available for anyone to join in North America wide via a phone call.

Impressed by FHA's content and activities for Hinduism education and preservation, Durga Mandir near Washington DC made the free of charge Hinduism education provided by FHA via flex posters and videos a regular feature for its temple devotees, while the Shiva Vishnu temple in Maryland also has invited these activities. In Bhadrapad 5111 (September 2009), FHA participated in the North America wide Mandir Executives conference with executives from various temples (Mandir) and leaders from Hindu organizations around North America. FHA's presentation on Hinduism education highlighted its importance for Hindus to recognize the uniqueness of Hinduism, develop lasting pride in Hinduism, to live and preserve it. FHA provided practical measures for Hinduism education, using the example of the Durga Mandir in Washington DC. Several Mandir executives and Hindu groups' leaders have shown a keen interest in propagating Hinduism education on these lines, on their platform.

On the occasion of Datta Jayanti 5111 (1 December 2009), FHA launched its FHA Facebook "Fan" Page and gained a presence in the social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter. Within 3 days of starting its Facebook page, over a 100 people joined it. It was also joined by prominent Hindu leaders, who were impressed by the uniqueness of the FHA articles on the science underlying Hinduism concepts and practices, and the practical platform provided for Hindus to take action on Hindu issues.

Now, on the occasion of its anniversary, FHA is taking yet another step towards propagating Hinduism worldwide, via Hinduism education (Dharma shikshan) English subtitled videos being made available on its website. These videos have become very popular all over India via TV and cable channels and now are available to anyone with Internet access worldwide. We hope you enjoy learning from them and spread awareness about them.
Krunwanto vishwam aryam | (We shall familiarize the whole universe with Hinduism !)


FHA team of seekers.

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